Snoop Dogg, the iconic rap legend, disrupts the norm as he unveils an extraordinary collection of NFTs. Known as the Snoop Dogg Passport Series, this groundbreaking endeavour propels him into the realm of NFTs and live performances. The collection grants devoted fans an exclusive virtual passport to his highly anticipated summer tour.

The Snoop Dogg Passport Series resembles a dynamic “tour poster” that transforms with each destination in Dogg’s upcoming tour. NFT holders will receive privileges to behind-the-scenes content, exclusive merchandise, artwork, and unique experiences curated by the renowned music icon. Dogg’s summer tour is scheduled to commence in Vancouver on July 7th.

Snoop Selects, a curated collection of NFT artwork, will be airdropped to all passport holders. Snoop Dogg, whose real name is Calvin Broadus Jr., has announced it as part of the Passport Series. Coldie, Terrell Jones, and Alien Queen constitute the initial lineup of Snoop Selects artists.

Dogg stated about the NFT:

“Throughout my career, I’ve always been pushing things forward. With the passport series, I can give my fans the opportunity to travel the world with me – no one’s ever done that. I’ve always been a pioneer, and digital merch is part of the future. I’m hoping other artists can see what I’m doing and continue to innovate on their own.” 

The Grammy Award-nominated artist, Web3 platform Transient Labs, and the talent agency WME collaborated to create the Passport Series. Chris Ostoich, the COO of Transient Labs, played a crucial role in engineering the series. 

Enthusiastic fans can acquire the passport for approximately $42 or 0.025 ETH to participate in the experience. The purchase can be facilitated through Crossmint, an NFT payment processor, or crypto wallets.

Dogg releases Passport NFTs.

Snoop Doogg’s Experiences in the NFT Space

In March 2021, Snoop Dogg, a trailblazing figure in Web3, released his first-ever NFT collection, titled “A Journey with the Dogg“. This collection notably featured an appropriately named song called “NFT”. Over a year later, the celebrity released the “Crip Ya Ethusuam” music video for the Astro Donut NFT collection. 

In November 2022, The Sandbox launched a three-part LAND sale with Snoop Dogg, Playboy, and other influential figures.

Shortly after, the rapper released a music video with his son, Cordell Broadus, popularly known as Champ Medici. The music video was a product of a collaboration between the father-son duo and the Cardano NFT project, Clay Nation. 

Recently, Snoop Dogg partnered with VeeFriends to release the “Please Take A Step Back” NFT project.
In addition to engaging in various collaborations and projects, the rapper possesses a multimillion-dollar NFT collection. His portfolio comprises artwork from BAYC, CryptoPunks, Meebits, and other digital assets. Reports indicate that the total value of his NFTs surpasses $17 million!