Supercell, the renowned creator of Clash of Clans and Clash Royale, recently invested in a promising crypto gaming startup, Games for a Living (GFAL). On April 29, the startup announced the $3.2 million seed funding round. The fund will be used to improve the startup’s capabilities in the NFT and blockchain gaming sector. Also, GFAL will expand its team and accelerate its game production timelines.

With Supercell, the round saw contributions from some notable gaming veterans, like Mitch Lasky and Heinrich Zetlmayer. The participators enhance the startup’s industry credibility and resource pool.

GFAL was co-founded by Trip Hawkins, the former CEO of Electronic Arts. The startup is carving out a niche in the crypto gaming sector with its innovative approach to game development. GFAL is creating games that integrate NFTs and crypto tokens, adding a new layer of interaction and transaction to the gaming experience. With this approach, the startup focuses on both effective gameplay and the growing trend of digital ownership and crypto investments.

GFAL’s game library consists of Elemental Raiders, Diamond Dreams, Jump Pump, and Soccer Legends. The startup also has a token called GFAL Token. This digital asset can be used for transactions and acquisitions within the startup’s AI-enhanced marketplace. Furthermore, it develops the gaming experience as the universal currency.

As Supercell and other industry leaders deepen their involvement in Web3 gaming, the landscape of mobile and online gaming is evolving. GFAL’s pioneering work, supported by experts from companies like King Entertainment, Activision Blizzard, and Electronic Arts, positions it as a significant player in shaping next-generation gaming experiences. With this strategic funding, GFAL is well-equipped to continue its trajectory of innovation and growth in the gaming industry.