Remember the legendary rock band Queen with over 300 million records sold, responsible for timeless hits, like “Bohemian Rhapsody”, and delivering an unforgettable performance at Live Aid? Their induction into prestigious halls of fame solidifies their status as one of the greatest rock bands in history.

Now, they’re entering the digital world to make their impact eternal! The brand management arm  responsible for business and creative endeavours, Queen Productions Limited, has filed a trademark application. This was revealed in a tweet by Michael Konkoundis, trademark lawyer.

The application dated 12th June encompasses a range of cutting-edge technologies and concepts. These include NFT authenticated media and software designed for virtual reality and metaverse experiences. They also want to create virtual clothing, footwear, and audio gear, as well as software specifically developed for creating NFTs and Meta tokens.

Overall, Queen’s determination to embrace the latest trends showcases their willingness to adapt, evolve, and push boundaries. By doing so, they demonstrate their interest in creating memorable experiences for their fans and staying relevant in an ever-changing music industry.

Queen and Adam Lambert
Queen and Adam Lambert

Music in the Virtual Space

The interaction between songs and Web3 technologies has created exciting ways for people to experience the music industry. It also provides an opportunity for artists to earn royalties. 

A notable example to the interaction is the Passport Series which is an initiative by Snoop Dogg allowing fans to embark on a global journey alongside the iconic rapper. It is worthy of note that Dogg has been an active supporter of Web3 and keeps exploring ways to unite music and the Web3 space.

In a similar vein, the talented singer and songwriter Bebe Rexha launched her own immersive platform called Bebeverse. Through Bebeverse, Rexha aims to foster a more profound and interactive connection with her fans. This platform enables fans to engage with her music and persona.

These are not the only ways the Web3 world is amplifying music. Gala Music, Spotify, and others are turning music into NFTs. While Beatport and AR Rahman are establishing music NFT marketplaces. 

Therefore, the blend of Web3 and the music industry is beautiful and continues to open up limitless possibilities for artists and fans alike.