This month, Mastercard Artist Accelerator, an innovative Web3 music initiative by Mastercard, will culminate in an exciting showcase. 

The program aims to empower emerging artists worldwide by providing them with essential resources to thrive in the digital economy. Each artist will unveil their AI-driven single during a live-streamed event on Thursday, July 27, at 3 pm ET. 

All songs performed will be made available as NFTs on the OneOf Marketplace. The showcase, presented by Billboard, promises to be a significant event in the music industry.

AI and NFTs Join Forces With Musical Artists

Mastercard takes its already-existing Web3 program to a captivating peak with this extension known as the ‘Mastercard Music Pass‘. The pass has already witnessed an impressive 100,000 mints. 

The Artist Accelerator Program adopted a unique and innovative approach to producing the performed tracks. Each artist individually crafted an exclusive single by utilizing the AI Music Studio. WarpSound, a leader in generative AI music, developed this cutting-edge technology.

Every participating artist infused their tracks with a personal touch during the program. They incorporated the Mastercard sonic DNA and provided creative direction for their singles’ cover art. 

This exercise was integral to a novel curriculum designed to equip the artists with essential skills for establishing and managing their brand in Web3 experiences. These skills include minting NFTs, representing themselves in virtual worlds, and fostering an engaged community.

In April 2023, Mastercard announced the exciting release of a limited-edition Mastercard NFT at the NFT.NYC event. This launch demonstrated Mastercard’s dedication to utilizing blockchain and Web3 technologies to enhance the music industry and support artists. The forthcoming exhibition of these artists’ work is a testament to their visionary efforts.

Artist Accelerator Program

Mastercard Artist Accelerator Proudly Presents Its Artists

The showcase will present an impressive lineup of artists hailing from the inaugural class of the Mastercard Artist Accelerator. 

Young Athena, a BRIT School graduate, is a talented soul and R&B singer from London. LeriQ is an accomplished Nigerian afrobeat and R&B record producer and songwriter. Cocoa Sarai is a Brooklyn-born singer with Jamaican heritage. Emily Vu is a pop artist of Vietnamese American descent, advocating for LGBTQ+ rights. Manu Manzo is a Venezuelan pop singer, songwriter, and producer.

Their artistic endeavours and creative expressions are about to take centre stage. This move highlights Mastercard’s commitment to fostering innovation in the music industry and nurturing the artist community through cutting-edge technologies.