Also known as Claire Boucher, Grimes is a multifaceted artist recognized for her remarkable creativity. In addition to her role as a singer/songwriter, she engages in a variety of creative endeavors beyond music. She has collaborated with numerous brands to produce digital art.

Grimes’ Experience with NFTs

One of Grimes favourite pastimes aside from music is her love for NFTs. 2021 saw her make history after she sold tokenized art worth $5.8 million in less than 20 minutes via Nifty Gateway.

WarNymph Collection featured a series of digital artworks set to her music as well as a unique music video that sold for about $400,000. Thus, NFTs became one of Grimes’ largest sources of income.

One Piece from WarNymph Collection by Grimes
One Piece from WarNymph Collection

During an interview on living forever with Wired, a tech magazine, Grimes conveyed her disappointment regarding the decline of NFTs. She attributed it to individuals seeking quick profits from cryptocurrencies and NFTs. 

When she was questioned about her earnings from NFTs during the interview, she confirmed making a huge amount and credited her brother for it. Further probing revealed that her NFT earnings had in fact surpassed earnings from her entire music career!

Grimes Is Also Enthusiastic About AI 

Grimes maintains an optimistic perspective on artificial intelligence (AI). She urged her fans to employ an AI-generated version of her voice to craft new music. She suggested an equitable 50/50 sharing of any proceeds.

She told Wired that two user-generated tracks featuring her voice were impressive and aligned with the direction of her new album. She mentioned feeling a sense of disturbance in relation to their similarity, questioning her own identity and purpose. However, she also expressed excitement about the prospect of enduring success, suggesting the possibility of an extended artistic legacy.

Grimes is a tech lover.

Beyond Music: Grimes’ Creative Interests

Grimes is diversifying her interests beyond the music industry, focusing on visual art and literature. She is developing a children’s book series called “Transhumanism for Babies”. The book will teach her kids about philosophy, technology, and creativity. Her goal is to produce meaningful children’s content and inspire more people to invest in nurturing the next generation. 

She has a drive to create “future-optimistic art” as a positive contrast to the prevailing “cyberpunk dystopias”.

While Grimes expressed her excitement for the boundless possibilities of artificial intelligence and technology in general, she cautioned on the dangers of overreliance.