Guy Fieri and Sammy Hagar are popular figures who have big success in their individual paths. Guy Fieri, Emmy Award-winning chef, has tantalized taste buds with his mouth-watering dishes over the years. On the other hand, Sammy Hagar has rocked the world with his iconic vocals and electrifying performances.

Fieri and Hagar created Santo Spirits, a tequila brand renowned for its rich flavor and exceptional quality. Among the things that sets Santo Spirits apart is its trailblazing tequila blend, combining the best of both worlds: Mezcal and tequila, resulting in Mezquila.

Fieri and Hagar introduce Santo Spirits Club.

To enhance the experience for their valued customers, Fieri and Hagar have introduced a loyalty program. This program offers exclusive tastings and exciting rewards as a token of appreciation for their customers.

Fieri & Hagar’s Amazing Web3 Initiative: Santo Spirits Club

The popular duo enters the Web3 space by introducing Santo Spirits Club, a loyalty program made possible by Trident3. Trident3 is a Web3 platform that offers management and growth solutions for digital brands. This collaboration also leverages the NEAR Protocol, ensuring customers enjoy a secure and transparent experience.

Upon joining the club, fans will receive a special surprise in the form of a mystery NFT. Additionally, the first 1,000 customers to sign up will receive a second mystery NFT as an exclusive reward for being early members.

Guy Fieri in the left & Sammy Hagar in the right
Guy Fieri on the left & Sammy Hagar on the right

The true utility of these NFTs will be unveiled with the launch of Añejo, a new tequila arriving in the following weeks. These assets will be categorized into three levels: General, limited, and rare, each offering a range of unique benefits. 

Some perks include access to virtual tequila tastings hosted by renowned personalities, such as Fieri or Hagar, autographed guitars, and other VIP experiences.

During the press conference, the CEO and President of Santo Spirits, Dan Butkus, emphasized the significance of the program. He stated that the program reveals Santo Spirits’ commitment to amplifying customer satisfaction while stimulating customer involvement with digital technology.

Final Words

The transformative power of Web3 technology in the food industry spans crucial aspects, such as food safety, decentralization, and direct producer-consumer interaction. 

Recognizing its immense potential, esteemed brands, like Starbucks, Papa John’s, and McCain, are actively capitalizing on this technology. Now, the number of brands in the Web3 space increases with the initiative of Fieri and Hagar!