Tether, the popular stablecoin company, made a significant foray into the neurotech sector with a $200 million investment in Blackrock Neurotech. This move marks a major milestone as Tether diversifies its portfolio through its newly formed division, Tether Evo. The division focuses on merging human capabilities with advanced technology.

Blackrock Neurotech, founded in 2008, is at the forefront of developing brain-computer interface (BCI) technologies. The company helps individuals suffering from severe neurological conditions, like paralysis and sensory losses. It has been instrumental in enabling individuals to control external devices such as robotic arms, wheelchairs, and even vehicles through thought alone.

This strategic investment is part of Tether’s broader initiative to push the boundaries of technology and human potential. With this new funding, Blackrock Neurotech aims to further commercialize its technology, enhancing the scope and effectiveness of its medical devices.

The partnership between Tether and Blackrock Neurotech will accelerate developments within the neurotech sector, focusing on expanding the reach of BCI devices to more patients globally. This collaboration underscores Tether’s commitment to supporting innovative projects that blend technology with human enhancement.

Blackrock Neurotech raised fund from Tether.

Paolo Ardoino, the CEO of Tether, expressed enthusiasm about the venture:

“Blackrock Neurotech represents a leap towards a future where technology not only complements but enhances our human experience, and we at Tether are proud to begin this journey with them.”

Florian Solzbacher, the co-founder of Blackrock Neurotech, also commented on the collaboration:

“With its commitment to seeking out and nurturing technology that will help many people and push mankind forward, we couldn’t dream of a better partner than Tether to bring our shared vision to life.”

This strategic development follows Tether’s recent expansion into new divisions such as Tether Data, Tether Finance, Tether Power, and Tether Edu. These initiatives reflect the company’s broader strategy to explore new opportunities at the intersection of technology and different sectors.