Jeremy Cowart has partnered with bigwigs, like OpenSea, Canon, Evolve Studio, and Transient Labs to create 10,000 picture NFTs in approximately 20 minutes.

Who is Jeremy Cowart?

Jeremy Cowart is a well-known photographer, artist, and entrepreneur from Nashville, Tennessee. Cowart has photographed numerous celebrities and public figures, including Taylor Swift, Kelly Clarkson, and Tim Tebow. 

Cowart has won numerous awards for his photography and philanthropic work, including the 2015 Muhammad Ali Humanitarian of the Year Award and the 2016 Lucie Humanitarian Award.

Jeremy Cowart
Jeremy Cowart

Introducing AURAS

The project title is AURAS, and Cowart will utilize advanced technologies and his signature lighting techniques to bring 10,000 unique pictures of himself to life. The photographer will execute the project in the presence of a live audience, making it the first time Cowart is displaying his artistic process. 

Most people would think that the photographer would make use of AI to accomplish the seemingly daunting task. However, that is not true!

Instead, Cowart will employ the use of robotics, high-power projectors, a $5 million cutting-edge 130-foot LED volume display, and many others to complete the AURAS project. The artist noted that he will adorn an all-white attire, including a white mask; thus allowing his multiple lighting techniques to produce unique outcomes for every attempt. 

Cowart shared that there will be 6 to 8 trait categories for the 10,000 photo NFTs.

Interested parties can attend the live shoot in person on May 9 in Nashville, Tennessee by 6:30 pm CST. Seats are limited and attendees can enjoy a photograph with the AURAS process by Cowart himself. You can book tickets here. You can also stream the event for free here.

Cowart announced that AURAS mint will go live on OpenSea on May 9th. However, the price of these works is yet to be determined. 999 of these NFTs will be reserved for a free mint for his Block Queens holders. Another 301 tokens will be kept in his artist vault. Hence, 8700 NFTs will be available to the public.