The release of the Music Pass NFT by Mastercard was announced on Wednesday at NFT.NYC! The main aim of the release is providing Web3 musicians with the access to resources that would develop their careers.

The Mastercard Music Pass NFT is a digital collectible that gives musicians access to the Mastercard Artist Accelerator Program. It is free to mint and was created in collaboration with Polygon. 

The accelerator program offers educational resources, AI technologies, and access to Web3 mentors, including artist Latashá and Ledger Chief Experience Officer Ian Rodgers. Furthermore, artists will learn how to use Web3 during the program. 

The Advantages of Mastercard Music Pass NFT

Collectors who have a Mastercard pass are going to receive access to features before others, such as an AI-powered music creation app, as well as learning resources, and invitations to an online presentation event in June. The event will involve musicians from the accelerator program. 

Five performers from all over the world from various genres have already been chosen by Mastercard to take part in the project. The artists will be confronted with innovative AI-driven music studios alongside Web3 technology. 

Grammy Award winner Cocoa Sarai, R&B singer Young Athena, Latin Grammy nominee Manu Manzu, Nigerian recording artist LeriQ, and musician Emily Vu are the artists taking part in the accelerator!

Mastercard’s Experience in the NFT Space

This isn’t Mastercard’s first venture into the NFT world. On February 2023, the company partnered with Binance to release a prepaid crypto card in Brazil. Moreover, it partnered with Bit2Me for a debit card with crypto cashback. 

At the beginning of March, Mastercard and Visa, the world’s biggest payment companies, announced that they will stop their crypto plans because of the crypto winter. On the other hand, we are encountering Mastercard’s progress in the NFT space regularly. The Mastercard Artist Accelerator Program is an example for the progress.