Moonbirds has made an exclusive playlist available to Android device holders in the United Kingdom, USA, Germany, Australia, and Azerbaijan. The playlist, titled “Sounds of a Digital Renaissance”, is a compilation that will captivate music enthusiasts. 

To access this remarkable auditory experience, individuals can visit the link provided in Moonbirds’ Twitter biography and connect their wallets.

Danny Lee has curated the playlist with the support of TheSongBirbs to ignite the spark of creativity within the Moonbirds community and among the artists. This eclectic mix includes multi-genre hits from renowned artists, like Tame Impala and Diplo. The collaboration with multiple artists adds a touch of sophistication to this digital endeavor.

Moonbirds’ commitment to exploring new and exciting opportunities is exemplified by this partnership, which goes beyond mere cooperation between two entities. By joining forces with Spotify, Moonbirds can provide its community with a fresh and captivating experience!

KINGSHIP Partners With Spotify As Well!

Following in Moonbirds’ footsteps, KINGSHIP forged a partnership with Spotify earlier this year. KINGSHIP is a subgroup of Bored Apes under the Universal Music Group (UMG). In light of Apple’s implementation of certain internal policies limiting the functionalities of NFTs, they exclusively extended the partnership with KINGSHIP to Android users. 

In their pilot program, a KINGSHIP Key Card NFT has the ability to unlock a distinct Spotify playlist. This feature showcases the convergence of the music and blockchain industries.

About Moonbirds

Artist and PROOF co-founder Justin Mezzell created a collection of digital avatars called Moonbirds NFTs, comprising 10,000 pieces. These artworks are available under a creative commons (CC0) license. It enables every creative individual to utilize the artwork in constructing their own collections and products. 

Moonbirds aims to foster exclusive experiences that enable collectors to engage with artists. They will be able to take ownership of and advocate for their art, all while enjoying a delightful journey.