Legendary rockstar Elvis Presely is gracing the virtual world via avatars for The Sandbox. To help fans enjoy a more immersive connection with the icon, The Sandbox is launching some Elvis Presley NFT avatars. The collection will be a testament of Presely’s legacy. They have also been officially licensed and will showcase Presely in all his glory. 

The Sandbox confirmed that the collection will have 3000 avatars. These avatars are NFT-based and will mint on Polygon. The best part? Fans can enjoy a surreal metaverse experience as Elvis Presley as the avatars will be available to play with in subsequent multiplayer games on The Sandbox. The avatars also have potential to unlock more content.

Elvis Presely on The Sandbox

What makes these avatars so special for fans and newcomers alike? The avatars highlight all the things that made Elvis Presely such a favourite. The team is bringing his hairstyles, outfits, and all the vibes from the different performances that marked Presely’s record-breaking career. Also, each avatar will feature several emotes! These emotes aim to preserve the mesmerizing aura Elvis Presely radiated. They will convey his dance moves and very essence.

How to Buy Elvis Presley Avatars

On 8th August by 4:00 EST, there will be a 24-hour presale for some exclusive holders, like The Sandbox landowners, holders of some collections, and those who got to register on heymint.xyz

The wallets that were allow-listed will be able to mint 2 avatars per wallet in this time. After this, the public can access on August 9th. The big reveal will be on August 11th! 

To buy an avatar, you’ll pay 100 SAND (worth a little over $40). If you miss the initial sale, you can buy as many avatars as you want from users on OpenSea.

More on Elvis Presley Avatars

To make them unique and completely different, each avatar is randomly generated by combining different traits and looks. Also, the collection boasts of rare hand-crafted avatars! 

Getting these Elvis Presley NFT avatars confers some tremendous benefits. For instance, holders will enjoy voting rights and governance for the legendary Elvis Legacy Council DAO. This means that fans will have a say in how Elvis Presley takes up space in the digital world.

By creating immersive experiences for fans in the metaverse, Presley’s passion and all he brought to rock will be relished by future generations.