The metaverse has positively influenced the fashion industry because it helps creating virtual fitting rooms and stores; individuals get the opportunity to try on accessories and clothing within different metaverse platforms. This enables them to make better decisions and conveniently shop online. Many fashion companies understood this advantage, and now we are seeing the efforts of Lacoste in utilizing metaverse. 

Lacoste now extends its legacy through an innovative virtual store. Combining blockchain and fashion, this exclusive Ethereum-based NFT experience promises an extraordinary summer, made possible in collaboration with Emperia.

Last year, Lacoste and Emperia collaborated on an award-winning project which has provided a strong groundwork for their latest endeavor. This virtual store combines traditional retail aspects with cutting-edge digital advancements. It is offering exclusive access to individuals who possess Lacoste’s UNDW3 NFT passes.


Into Lacoste’s Virtual Store

Customers are greeted by the famous crocodile’s mouth, which serves as an enticing entrance to a chic and vibrant boutique. Inside, they will be delighted to explore Lacoste’s latest summer collection, showcasing a wide array of stylish and fashionable pieces.

In this virtual store, customers’ shopping experiences are elevated through the outdoor pool area with stunning beach views.

The store offers an exciting scavenger hunt, adding an element of thrill and exclusivity. The VIP space is reserved for Le Club Lacoste and UNDW3 members, an exclusive Web3 community. Newcomers are also welcomed with rewards and encouraged to join the loyalty program. This will unlock access to the VIP room and receive weekly prizes. 

The VIP room enables shoppers to discover the UNDW3 collection. With a simple QR code scan, the clothing comes to life, immersing you in an innovative and unforgettable shopping journey! This unique interaction creates a profound bond between the garments and the wearer, making the experience truly enchanting and personal.

To check out Lacoste’s exhilarating virtual shopping experience, click here.


Final Words

Phygital NFT trend in fashion is now recognized as one of the major advantages of Web3 technology for the sector. Renowned fashion brands, like Hugo Boss, Gucci and Adidas, have initiated projects aimed at merging physical and digital experiences for customers. 

We look forward to seeing more fashion houses embrace this exciting concept.