To enable customers to generate digital twins that they can employ to outfit avatars on the Ready Player Me platform, luxury fashion brand Hugo Boss has attached an NFC tag to its baseball caps.

In November 2022, Hugo Boss debuted its NFT collection, Embrace Your Emotions, in collaboration with Imaginary Ones. The collection involved 1,001 3D avatars with emotive themes, actual t-shirts, and a QR code that led visitors to a Snapchat Lens.

Hugo Boss x Imaginary Ones
Hugo Boss x Imaginary Ones

Users who have already bought NFTs from the digital collection by Hugo Boss x Imaginary Ones can use their smartphones to scan the NFC tag on the caps to access a virtual copy of the cap and a hoodie.

The Relationship Between Fashion and Web3 

Hugo Boss’ latest move is an excellent example of how companies may increase the value of their physical items by utilizing Web3 and blockchain technology. The fashion industry has been exploring the potential of NFT and metaverse technologies. 

Adding NFC tags to goods, like baseball caps, which results in a “phygital” experience, is one-way fashion manufacturers may employ technology to offer an unforgettable online experience. 

Hugo Boss will undoubtedly generate an increase in customers who value combining physical and digital experiences by incorporating blockchain technology, NFTs, and the metaverse into its products.

The fashion industry is one of the sectors that are affected by the NFT space and metaverse. Virtual advertisements and fashion shows are occurring in the digital world, and this circumstance shows the interest of fashion companies toward the world. For example, Adidas, Nike, Prada, Gucci, and Givenchy are utilizing Web3, the metaverse, NFTs, and blockchain technology for making their customers happy.