Renowned for spreading happiness and positivity, Smiley brand is teaming up with Space Runners to create SmileyWorld. Their collaboration aims to birth a collection of phygital NFTs

This foray into the realm of non-fungible tokens marks a significant milestone for Smiley. It will combine digital collectibles, AI technology, and physical merchandise to offer engaging experiences.

Ten Smiley Planets

The NFT collection presents an enthralling chronicle of ten Smiley Worlds faced with the imminent danger of a growing black hole. Through their collective efforts, they conquer the menacing void, sparking a renaissance of existence within the SmileyWorld.

In commemoration of their triumph, they unleash the true power, enabling the community to enhance spread positivity throughout the cosmos. Each element within the compilation showcases a distinct concept, spanning street fashion, gaming, music, and mental well-being. 

This is Smiley’s first exploration into the realm of NFTs and so presents an exciting range of benefits. SmileyWorld owners will enjoy privileged access to upcoming releases. They will also earn royalties from merchandise sales. Furthermore, the owners will present their plans for NFT utilization and engage in collaborative efforts with the esteemed Space Runners team.

About Space Runners

Space Runners, launched in 2021, is a fashion metaverse brand that operates through NFTs. With big investors, like Animoca Brands, Polychain, and so on, it collaborates with artists and brands to create wearable NFTs using augmented reality and metaverse plugins.

During its initial launch, Space Runners unveiled its premier collection, featuring Kyle Kuzma and Nick Young. The collection garnered significant attention and achieved remarkable success, with all items selling out in less than 10 minutes.

Space Runners made its mark in metaverse fashion by being a pioneer in its niche. Its phygital NFT concept allows a tangible fashion item while simultaneously granting ownership within the virtual world. This concept also fueled its collaboration with the luxury fashion brand Balmain.