Non-fungible tokens are living in a virtual world, but these digital assets can meet with the real world, and this circumstance refers to ‘phygital’. Phygital is a mix of ‘physical’ and ‘digital’ words. This term is generally used in the marketing field, and it identifies blending digital experiences with physical experiences. In other words, phygital things are bridges between the digital world and the real world.

In the NFT space, phygital means NFTs that are tied to some physical items. One side of this type of NFT refers to digital assets, and other side of these NFTs refers to physical assets, such as clothes. The popularity of phygital NFTs is increasing in the field day by day, so we should focus on the details of these NFTs.

Timex X BAYC Phygital NFTs

Importance of Phygital NFTs

Before focusing on the importance of phygital NFTs, we want to share some examples with you to explain phygital NFTs concretely. At the beginning of this month, popular watch manufacturing company Timex announced its partnership with Bored Ape Yacht Club to release interesting watches as phygital NFTs. Also, in November, Givenchy announced its collaboration with the streetwear brand Bstroy to launch a fashion collection as phygital NFTs. As you can understand from these two examples, phygital NFTs are preferred by successful companies. Now, we can focus on why popular companies are preferring phygital NFTs.

Source: Microsoft Dynamics 365

The Usage of Augmented Reality in NFTs

Augmented reality (AR) connects virtual images with the real world, and the technology is used by a lot of companies, like Microsoft. Also, the technology is preferred for phygital NFTs, and this situation is very significant for the development of the NFT space.

For exclusive applications, NFTs and AR are coming together; for instance, we can encounter billboards as phygital NFTs that are created with the help of AR. Like the example of this type of billboard, there are different examples of the relation between phygital NFTs and AR. Thanks to the relationship, the gap between the physical world and the digital world can close, and users can experience the NFT world both physically and virtually.

If you can remember, a lot of people played Pokémon GO which is an AR mobile game in the past. Like this game, the relationship between phygital NFTs and AR can improve the gaming sector. For example, there are some AR games that also involve NFTs, and these games provide gamers with immersive gaming experiences. We can mention ZED RUN as an example of this type of games that gather the real world and virtual world together.

Proof of Ownership

NFTs are digital assets that give the ownership of a digital work to people. Due to this circumstance, we can say that NFTs are proofs of ownership. Like all NFT types, phygital NFTs also show proof of ownership.

Phygital NFTs are a little bit different from common NFT types because they are connecting the real world and virtual world in an effective way. Because of the property of phygital NFTs, they offer authenticity which shows the status of the owners. With authenticity, the value of phygital NFTs can increase in both the virtual and real world.

At that point, we can mention wines as an example of phygital NFTs. Some significant information about a wine’s ownership can be stored on a blockchain, and the risk of fraud can be decreased. Furthermore, the requirement for authentication can be disappeared. Hence, phygital NFTs can present better proofs and increase the value of objects, like in the example of wine as a phygital NFT.

Enhanced In-Person Experiences

Phygital NFTs can improve in-person experiences because they are connecting the real world with the digital world in a concrete and good way.

For explaining this point, we want to mention event ticketing. In an old article, we mentioned that event tickets can be found in the format of NFT. In other words, you can participate in your favorite music band’s concert by purchasing an NFT ticket. As you can realize, purchasing an NFT ticket is an in-person experience, and also NFT tickets are good examples of phygital NFTs. Buying NFT tickets to join an event can be useful because verifying the identities of participants is easier than traditional event ticketing. Moreover, the number of participants in an event can be understood effectively and quickly, and NFT tickets can make the recording of the participants easy. Due to these reasons, with phygital NFTs, in-person experiences can be enhanced, and the NFT space can be developed in terms of event ticketing.


Phygital NFTs refer to the blend of physical and virtual experiences, so they are very valuable for people in the NFT world. If you want to become an owner of a phygital NFT, you can consider the popular brands’ phygital NFTs.