Adidas is initiating a fresh Web3 residency program designed for digital artists. This program, named ‘Residency by Adidas’, allows artists worldwide to exhibit their creations and collaborate with Adidas. It encompasses both digital and physical products.

Adidas’s Three Stripes Studio unveiled the new program. The brand is gearing up to launch Residency this month, perfectly synchronizing with Korea Blockchain Week in Seoul. 

Adidas views Residency as a springboard to empower digital creators and prioritize future partnerships with tangible products. This initiative signifies the convergence of fashion, digital artistry, and blockchain technology. The event will feature a variety of Ethereum NFT artworks, including both limited-edition and open-edition pieces. 

Stacey King, the Global Head of Communications and Activations of Adidas, enthusiastically conveyed her excitement about this initiative. She detailed how this initiative with the Web3 community was not their first

Adidas’s team had previously delved into combining NFTs with clothing and had revealed NFT artwork in prominent international locations. King perceived it as a seamless progression to fully commit and establish a more robust pathway and platform for some of their community’s most captivating and talented artists.

The inaugural digital art sale will feature exclusive pieces from artists MonkeeMoto and Adra Kandil, widely recognized as Dear Nostalgia. MonkeeMoto, headquartered in Tokyo, possesses a foundation in game development and digital concept design. 

An NFT Artwork by DearNostalgia, Source: Adidas
An NFT Artwork by DearNostalgia, Source: Adidas

Lebanese artist Adra Kandil melds diverse artistic elements, including photography, collages, typography, and digital montages. Kandil has previously partnered with renowned fashion brands, such as Gucci, Chanel, Cartier, and Roberto Cavalli. 

Both artists intend to unveil a restricted series of NFT artworks, each presenting only 100 of these exclusive pieces.

These NFTs are priced at 0.15 ETH, which is roughly $250 each. Each of these NFTs, exclusively for attendees of the Seoul event, includes a unique physical hoodie as a special bonus.

On the flip side, the open edition NFTs for each artist have a more accessible price of 0.03 ETH, approximately $50. There is no limit to the number you can purchase, and they are open to everyone. Both NFT sales will commence on September 6 and conclude on September 11.