STEPN, a popular move-to-earn project, has announced a new collaboration with electronic artist Steve Aoki. They are introducing limited-edition digital sneakers; these Solana NFTs are connecting the fashion sector with the NFT space and Web3. 

This partnership is closely related to Aoki’s A0K1VERSE, a membership club that uses NFTs to provide members with exclusive benefits.

The partnership features a 240-piece limited edition of co-designed sneakers. The collection pieces are available in four styles: Runner, Trainer, Walker, and Jogger. 

STEPN releases 60 versions of every NFT design on the MOOAR marketplace between October 31 and November 4. Each edition costs 3,500 GMT. 

Furthermore, Aoki’s devoted fan base will receive 60 NFTs from the collection, bringing the total number of collaborative digital footwear to 300 NFTs. 

Steve Aoki stated about this collaboration: 

“Collaborating with Stepn is an exciting step towards bringing the metaverse and real world closer together. This co-branded digital sneaker collection is not just about fashion; it’s a bridge to the future.”

Shiti Manghani, the COO of the developer of STEPN called Find Satoshi Lab, said Steve Aoki transforms the industry by consistently pushing limits and exhibiting incredible ingenuity. He also mentioned that the partnership highlights both parties’ commitment to this goal and the significant opportunities in the industry.


Find Satoshi Lab (FSL), a Web3 development studio, created STEPN as its flagship product, an application for lifestyle purposes. 

Customers purchase NFTs that are virtual sneakers, and they can use these assets to purchase prizes when they walk, jog, or run while syncing their phones via the move-to-earn app. 

Since its founding in 2021, STEPN has grown to have a monthly global audience of about three million active users. This feat has solidified its position as a leader in cutting-edge technology.