Leading brands in various industries are making significant debuts into the NFT space. Car brands have begun providing their customers with NFTs of their cars. Universities have started to provide certificates of their degrees and diplomas in the form of NFTs. The fashion industry is not left out of this trend.

Adidas Originals has launched a collection of digital wearables for its customers. 

The launch featured a teaser campaign of the NFTs on the Adidas Discord channel. The collection is available for purchase on the company’s metaverse webpage. Virtual Gear is Adidas’s first move of offering its clients tokenized wear. The latest interoperable product category will boost the fashion company’s ambition to solidify its member-focused, open metaverse tactics.

The limited NFT collection of Adidas wearables features only 16 tokens which can only be owned by individuals who already have Phase 2 Capsule wallets. There are also 3 unique creator-inspired wearables; each member of the trio representing the creative characteristics and traits of Adidas’ partners: BAYC, Gmoney, and Punks Comics.

The outfits in the Virtual Gear collection will be showcased on digital avatars and will be linked to a PFP dressing tool. According to Adidas, each member of these outfits is interoperable with other identity-based projects and worlds. This bold move by Adidas will set high bars in the industry. The NFT wearables collection is tailored to adapt to all frontiers of Web3.

At the time of the Virtual Gear launch, holders of Adidas Originals’ Capsule NFTs were able to find out which of the 16 limited tokens they were given by choosing to discover and substitute their Capsule token. The Capsule NFT owners would have to destroy the Capsule tokens in their wallets so as to mint one of the 16 new NFTs available in the Virtual Gear collection. Individuals not owning Capsule NFTs can buy Virtual Gear tokens in specific NFT marketplaces.

Adidas Originals and NFTs

Adidas Originals, Source: Twitter

Adidas Originals is well-known for the Web3 products and services it offers. Its collection of Adidas Originals: Into the Metaverse has an accumulated sales volume of 47,000 ETH. Back in May, the top fashion brand made history with the Adidas Originals: Capsule NFT collection. These assets are units of the biggest NFT airdrop so far. Adidas’ efforts, combined with other apparel brands, such as Nike and Gucci, have resulted in a significant level of growth in the industry.