Footwear giant Nike has hinted that it might soon collaborate with Epic Games’ popular game Fortnite to release sneaker NFTs.

The partnership would be a huge step in boosting Web3 adoption by conventional gamers. The famous online game has recorded more than 200 million active players in the past month. 

On various social media platforms, Nike announced that “Sneakerhunt” would begin on June 20.

The teaser was accompanied by a short video with the Air Max and Fortnite logos surrounded by clouds in the sky. Then, the video ends with the title of the sneaker hunt, “Airphoria”, and a side-by-side shot of Nike’s Web3 platform logo, .Swoosh, and the logo for Epic Games’ Unreal Engine.

At the moment, there are few known details regarding the project. However, some speculate that Nike may have developed an NFT-related game with Fortnite Creative 2.0. The feature enables users to utilize Fortnite assets to build their digital island game maps.

There are no official statements to confirm that NFTs will be a part of the sneaker hunt. However, .Swoosh’s presence in the teaser video hints that NFTs are on the cards. 

Besides, Epic Games is known to be a supporter of NFT gaming. Just last month, the game developer integrated Project Red and Defimons on its platforms. Earlier this year, Epic Games revealed that it will incorporate about 20 blockchain-based games by 2024. 

The main goal in Fortnite is being the last person, team, or squad left alive.
The main goal in Fortnite is being the last person, team, or squad left alive.

The sports apparel giant has also relentlessly tried to break into the traditional gaming sector. Its most recent move would be its partnership with the well-known game publisher EA Sports. Both parties decided to work together to bring sports, fashion, and gaming to their fans. 

Over time, Nike has become one of the leading fashion brands branching into the metaverse. And with its possible collaboration with Epic Games, it looks like Nike doesn’t plan on halting its Web3-efforts anytime soon.