Adidas has expanded its presence in the NFT space beyond its partnership with Fewocious and Doodles. Also, the popular brand introduced a collection of NFT wearables last year, highlighting their understanding of the potential of digital art. Now they are opening a new chapter with the collaboration with BAPE, popular Japanese fashion brand. 

Adidas is joining forces with A Bathing Ape, also known as BAPE, to mark the 30th anniversary of the renowned Japanese brand. This partnership is poised to blend streetwear aesthetics with technology, adding a unique dimension to the NFT world. 

At the centerpiece of this partnership is the NFT ‘Fresh Forum’ pass. This is a ticket to owning a physical pair of sneakers alongside its digital counterpart.

Schedule for ‘Fresh Forum’ Release

  • From August 22 to August 25, join the initial auction phase to secure your Fresh Forum access pass.
  • Starting on September 26, pass holders can claim their exclusive sneaker and its digital version.
  • In October, Adidas will fulfill its promise by distributing the physical sneakers to successful bidders worldwide.

BAPE: Celebrating 30 Years with 100 Sneakers x Crypto Auction

To celebrate BAPE’s 30th anniversary, a total of 100 pairs of the Fresh Forum sneakers will be released. People from various locations will have the chance to obtain an initial access pass through a 72-hour auction. This auction will be happening at 4pm CET on August 22, and it will be hosted on the Adidas Collect website. Each item will start with a minimum bid of 0.3 ETH.

The unique aspect of this auction is that even individuals who are unfamiliar with cryptocurrency can join it! This is courtesy of a new partnership with Moonpay and ensures accessibility for a wider range of participants.

Enhance Your Bidding Power with Exclusive NFTs

Those who own previous SOLES ALT[ER] EGO and (B)APETAVERSE NFTs from BAPE and Adidas will enjoy a 10% boost in their bidding power. Once participants acquire these items, they will have the freedom to trade their assets without any limitations and control over their acquisitions.

This partnership will blend streetwear aesthetics with cutting-edge technology, adding a unique dimension to the NFT landscape.