In a unique blend of culture and fashion, Adidas and popular singer Pharrell Williams are collaborating to launch digital wearables for Doodles!

The collection features a wide range of items, like hoodies, jackets, t-shirts, and sneakers, all designed to make your jaw drop. The collection is available to only Doodles NFT holders. 

Adidas and Pharrell’s joint effort is providing amazing ways for Doodles NFT holders to unleash their creativity and enjoy digital art. 

In addition, Doodles is introducing customizable avatars so that everyone feels like they belong.

With the release of the Doodles 2 Character Builder in The Stoodio app, holders can create digital identities and be themselves in the metaverse. Fans can rock different Doodles-inspired designs from Billionaire Boys Club (BBC), Adidas, Human Made, and Ice Cream. 

Additionally, each digital bundle has a token that you can exchange for an amazing physical piece – a fantastic phygital NFT idea, right?

Here’s how it works:

You need to own an original Doodles NFT and open your Stoodio profile. Then, create a Doodle and duplicate the wearable by using Dooplicator NFT. Finally, you must open one Genesis Box.

The team says that the Pharrel packs will be limited to just 300. Also, they’re strictly free of charge for eligible Doodles NFT holders.

You can be sure that this exciting news is already garnering lots of media attention. So, many more people will be glad to participate. This is why there will be a draw after the deadline – and on 5th May, 300 lucky winners will get their free packs. 

To learn more or participate in the project, click here.

Final Thoughts

Adidas X Pharrell X Doodles is an exciting and rather surprising announcement. It comes after Doodles shared that it would like to shift its focus from NFTs to mainstream media. 

The CEO, Jordan Castro (@poopie), took to Twitter to clarify that Doodles is NOT an NFT project. He stated that they weren’t going to “appease” anyone looking to gain financially from Doodles. 

However, he added that they would look after their most loyal collectors. Little wonder the team has decided to make this latest collaboration about Doodle NFT holders.