Swarovski, the renowned Austrian jewelry brand that is famous for its crystals and precious stones, is making bold moves into the Web3 world and Metaverse! 

On 30th May, the company filed trademark applications to enter the virtual space. These applications indicate its interest in exploring new industries and expanding its presence in the virtual realm. 

Trademark attorney Michael Kondouis took to Twitter to share the exciting news, generating a wave of speculation and excitement among enthusiasts and industry watchers alike. 

The filings indicate that Swarovski aims to protect a diverse range of products and offerings in Metaverse. These include cosmetics, virtual reality glasses, and even digital files authenticated by NFTs.

By securing trademarks in these areas, the company demonstrates its commitment to exploring new avenues. It also shows its intention to capitalize on the growing opportunities presented by the virtual landscape.

In addition, the trademark applications reveal Swarovski’s intention to offer downloadable virtual goods; these goods would feature image files of their iconic precious stones, jewelry, accessories, and fashion items.

As a strategic move, this highlights the company’s understanding of the potential of digital assets. It also emphasizes the growing demand for virtual representations of physical products.

Swarovski enters metaverse and Web3.

In addition to virtual goods, Swarovski is seeking trademark protection for precious metals, jewelry, and horological instruments. The company aims to expand into the physical world while serving its existing customers and embracing digital opportunities. 

This move aligns harmoniously with Swarovski’s ongoing revamp strategy which focuses on driving profitability and attracting fresh talent.

In recent times, the company has actively worked towards reinvigorating its brand. This is evidenced by its collaboration with industry luminaries, like Steven Meisel and Pat McGrath.

Swarovski’s entry into the metaverse represents a significant milestone in its long-standing history of innovation and adaptation. By embracing the virtual realm, the company is not only positioning itself for future growth but also signaling its commitment to staying relevant in an ever-changing digital world.