Zynga, a prominent publisher of mobile games, has embraced the realm of blockchain gaming by announcing its entry. 

The company revealed its upcoming release of a game called Sugartown which will be built on the Ethereum blockchain.

With this latest launch, Zynga is the primary leading mobile game developer to craft a Web3 game entirely anew. The team has developed Sugartown, granting players access to an engaging realm to amass rewards.

A Deep Dive Into Sugartown

Sugartown’s narrative centres on three farm animals who unintentionally crack open a wormhole into Sugartown from a separate dimension. This action thereby grants entry to unique entities known as Ora’s. These Ora’s channel their inventiveness to metamorphose Sugartown into a dynamic hub teeming with amusement and playful activities.

Sugartown’s Mayor Mel by Zynga
Sugartown’s Mayor Mel

Players utilize their ERC-721 Ora tokens in this game as tangible proof of ownership. The tokens enable them to secure entry into Sugartown. Players can amass energy through staking Oras, which is subsequently exploitable for participating in Sugartown’s gaming experiences. They can acquire Sugar that is the in-game currency facilitating unlocking captivating incentives.

Zynga Has Strategic Plans for Sugartown’s Launch

Zynga’s pivotal strategy for this endeavour involves the forthcoming launch of 10,000 Ora NFTs later this year. Possessing an Ora token will become an essential prerequisite for accessing cost-free, play-to-win mini-games nestled within the bounds of Sugartown. Participants will have the opportunity to stake their Ora NFTs. 

Matt Wolf, Web3 Vice President at Zynga, stated about the new game: 

“Zynga has always been at the forefront of innovation, and with Sugartown, our ambition is to empower players through a sustainable Web3 platform full of fun and enduring games.” 

The team behind Sugartown kicked off the introduction of Sugartown by launching a well-planned marketing campaign on Twitter and Discord. In their announcement, the team has organized a Twitter Spaces event led by Wolf to foster deeper conversations and involvement.

Zynga’s Journey From Casual Games To Web3 Moves

The gaming company has exerted a longstanding impact on the gaming industry. Since its establishment in 2007, Zynga created significant ripples in 2009 with the launch of FarmVille and Words With Friends. FarmVille gathered 10 million daily users and secured its position as Facebook’s most popular game for two consecutive years. 

Take-Two Interactive made a surprising move in 2022 by acquiring Zynga for an astonishing $12.7 billion. This acquisition by the renowned publisher of Grand Theft Auto suggests the potential for upcoming joint ventures in blockchain gaming.