On Wednesday, Ledger, the manufacturer of hardware wallets, revealed a collaboration with the renowned payment company PayPal. 

This partnership enables users to acquire cryptocurrencies by using their PayPal accounts in the Ledger Live app. The integration offers a secure and user-friendly platform for purchasing crypto. 

Empowering over 1.5 million active users, Ledger Live facilitates the purchasing, selling, swapping, staking, and lending of digital assets. It enables users to delve into the Internet of Value with ownership and security intact. 

Users can engage with a growing array of DApps featured in the Discover section through the app. Simultaneously, the Ledger device automatically ensures the safeguarding of their private keys.

The functionality of the app permits the purchase of cryptocurrencies by using traditional currency. Previously, by using the app, users could purchase cryptocurrencies through partners, such as MoonPay, Transak, Ramp, Simplex, Loopipay, and Mercuryo. The latest inclusion to this roster is PayPal. 

These assets can subsequently be transferred directly to the hardware wallet. Through the incorporation of PayPal, users can effortlessly link their PayPal accounts, eliminating the need for supplementary verification steps.

Pascal Gauthier, the Chairman and CEO of Ledger, stated about the partnership:

“We’re combining the uncompromising security of Ledger with PayPal’s leadership in protected payments technology to help facilitate a seamless platform for user crypto transactions. Ledger is committed to simplifying the world of crypto, and PayPal is committed to making the movement of money as simple, reliable and affordable as possible.”

Currently, in the United States, Ledger Live enables access to four cryptocurrencies which are Bitcoin, Ether, Bitcoin Cash, and Litecoin. Since 2016, the company has reportedly marketed more than 6 million Ledger Nano hardware wallets. This achievement has established the company as a prominent manufacturer of hardware wallets. 

In March, the hardware wallet provider and The Sandbox merged to safeguard digital assets in the metaverse. The metaverse platform’s businesses harnessed the enhanced security upgrade to shield themselves from prevalent fraudulent activities and scams.

The collaboration signifies yet another determined step into the realm of cryptocurrencies by PayPal. Recently, PayPal announced its plan to introduce a stablecoin named PYUSD. However, the announcement on August 15 does not include PYUSD among the coins slated for availability on Ledger Live.