The metaverse is taking over the internet and presents an exciting opportunity for individuals and brands to take advantage of the blockchain world and grow exponentially. If you’re looking to enter the metaverse this year, below are the top 5 platforms you don’t want to miss:


Decentraland is one of the largest and most popular metaverse platforms that allows users to build, create, and own a part of it. To participate, users buy virtual lands in the platform as NFTs by using its MANA cryptocurrency, an asset based on the Ethereum Blockchain. Decentraland hosts live events on a daily basis, has a marketplace users can trade in and collaborates with brands to create metaverse experiences for customers. In Decentraland, users are owners, so they can vote on governance proposals for elements, like UI changes or treasury distribution. 

The Sandbox

Similar to Decentraland, The Sandbox is a 3D metaverse world that runs on the Ethereum Blockchain. In it, players can interact, build structures, and monetize their creativity. Brands also create experiences for customers in The Sandbox. The Sandbox’s 3D voxel modeling tool allows users to create anything, convert it into NFTs, and sell via The Sandbox marketplace. Other users can purchase these assets by using SAND which is the platform’s native token. Additionally, users can create 3D games by using The Sandbox Game Maker without prior coding experience.

Somnium Space

Somnium Space is a virtual reality (VR) world built on the Ethereum Blockchain where users can create, trade, and experience NFTs and digital worlds. It has its own social platform, games, marketplace, and currency. Somnium Space is fully interconnected, seamless, and 100% accessible from any device and delivers an immersive VR experience for users every time.


Voxels is one of the easiest metaverse worlds to build in. Think of it as a 3D world where you can purchase lands -just like the others- and build on it. Only that it’s easier. To build, you can follow the link and start exploring by dragging and dropping blocks with no special tech required.

Axie Infinity

Axie Infinity is a play-to-earn blockchain-based game where gamers use cute monsters to battle each other. The gameplay is intriguing, and players make it up as they go. To begin the game, you have to purchase these cute monsters (known as Axies) as NFTs. And users can earn, capture, or breed more Axies as the game progresses. This game rewards users for skilled gameplay, which involves battling other users or fighting computer-controlled Axies. In the future, the Axie Infinity’s team plans to provide a platform for users to have complete control over the platform’s governance. Could this be why more eyes are on this metaverse lately?

Want to stay on top of the metaverse trends this year? You should definitely check out these metaverse platforms and keep up with our news as we bring you the latest in the NFT world.