Decentraland’s Metaverse Music Festival was first mentioned when we shared the news about Decentraland’s call for creators to create customized emotes for the creator market. Then, Decentraland only mentioned they were planning a spectacular music festival for all of their users in their metaverse. Now, they announced when it will be and who will be there. 

The music festival will be held on November 10-13 and more than 100 artists will take place, as Decentraland confirmed. Moreover, with musicians covering all genres and filling 15 stages, the music festival will be cyberpunk themed. 

Shockingly, Soulja Boy, Ozzy Osbourne, and Dillon Francis will be there to play. Sam Hamilton, creative director at Decentraland Foundation confirmed this by stating:

“Set in a cyberpunk city of the future, Dillon Francis will open the festival with a “mega club” experience projected on several screens, while Soulja Boy will perform through a virtual avatar. The digital setting also allows for elaborate stage design. “The final [headline set] should look like a city from the future, abandoned for 100 years.”

If you are a fan of these legendary artists and don’t have a wallet, you don’t need to worry as the music festival will be free and no crypto wallet is required to participate.

Thanks to being decentralized, Decentraland’s global community had the chance to pick many of the performers. Thus, the music festival will feature a diverse lineup. According to Iara Dias, head of the Metaverse Music Festival, Decentraland is only curating the main stage, while the rest of the stages are left to the community for curation. As a result, the lineup will also feature Chinese idol group SNH48 and Japan’s J-pop group Atarashii Gakko.

In last year’s music festival, more than 50,000 attendees logged into Decentraland to see performances from crypto-native artists including Deadmau5, 3LAU, RAC, and Alison Wonderland

This year will also feature crypto favorites like CryptoPunk rapper Spottie Wifi and British DJ Akira the Don. However, the Decentraland foundation hopes that a roster of bigger names will expand the festival’s reach.