Recently, Mavis Hub introduced its latest venture, Greenlight, which is now an integral part of its desktop application. 

One More Win For The Axie Infinity’s Builders’ Program

This pioneering solution was launched within the framework of Axie Infinity’s builders’ program. The Axie Builders’ program, established in 2022, has been a launching pad for early games in the Axie ecosystem. This effort has created engaging titles, such as Lunacia Cup, Across Lunacia, and Axie Infinity War. Its first phase exceeded expectations, as the feedback provided by its participants drove the innovation behind the successful Greenlight initiative.

Greenlight enables game developers to present initial versions of their Axie games to an eager community. At the same time, it transforms the process of listing on Mavis Hub into a gamified experience, achieved through an exceptional voting system driven by the community. 

To celebrate the launch of Greenlight, two distinct games which are Mini Tri-Force and Culinary Wars await the community’s exploration. 

Mavis Hub: Greenlight

In Mini Tri-Force, players engage in battles against menacing youkai to safeguard their Axie clan within a treacherous, poisoned forest. Conversely, Culinary Wars immerses players in the role of chefs. Here, they craft delectable dishes and ensure prompt customer service. This experience also provides a preview of Axie’s upcoming 3D mixer, a pivotal component in upcoming Axie adventures.

What Developers Need To Know About Greenlight

A game must attain a playable “beta” state to qualify for Greenlight consideration. This entails establishing a strong game loop and providing a comprehensive gaming experience. Developers can subsequently present their games through a designated application form, which a specialized panel will evaluate. Games that pass muster proceed to Mavis Hub: Greenlight, granting global accessibility to players across Lunacia.

Currently, the Mavis Hub desktop app grants access to Greenlight. It functions smoothly on both PC and Mac systems. Furthermore, the platform plans to roll out its browser version soon.

What Does Greenlight Bring To The Table?

Through Greenlight, players experience the double advantage of testing games in their infancy while casting their votes for the most captivating ones. Users’ early adoption of these games amplifies the initial reach of the games and furnishes developers with priceless feedback. This result, in turn, paves the path for refinement and broader acceptance within the Lunacia community.