Immutable Games announced the release of “Dread Awakening” which is a significant expansion pack for Gods Unchained. This release introduces 132 new cards which will be launched on April 16. Also, it marks the first crossover with Guild of Guardians, another highly anticipated title from Immutable Games.

What is Dread Awakening?

Dread Awakening enriches the Gods Unchained universe by bringing characters and elements from Guild of Guardians into play. Moreover, this expansion introduces a “cosmic horror” theme, adding depth and darkness to the gameplay. It is designed to challenge players with new mechanics and strategies, reshaping the game’s meta and expanding its lore.

The new card set is minted on Immutable X, an Ethereum scaling solution. This transition signifies a broader move towards enhancing the scalability and efficiency of blockchain gaming.

Daniel Paez, the Executive Producer of Gods Unchained, expressed excitement over the collaboration. Also, he emphasized the potential of IP crossovers in Web3 gaming:

โ€œThis was a really fun expansion for us to work on because weโ€™ve been able to lean into the creativity and lore of Guild of Guardians, while working really closely and collaboratively with a team that is quite literally, sitting right next to me. Weโ€™ve been dropping hints about the Dread and a possible IP crossover, but today, Iโ€™m excited that we are finally able to confirm that our vision is finally here.โ€

Players can now experience Gods Unchained on mobile devices via the App Store and Google Play. Furthermore, players can join the battle against the Dread via the Epic Games Store. This expansion, combined with the game’s availability on both desktop and mobile platforms, aims to attract a broader audience and increase player engagement.