In 2021, CyberKongz launched its genesis NFT collection on the Ethereum blockchain. After introducing unique tokenomics for $BANANA, it made history by setting a world record with its NFT collection. CyberKongz attained the highest floor price ever recorded, an impressive 210 ETH!

The company continually stays ahead in the fast-paced and ever-evolving blockchain sphere. As proof, it has made a tactical move that will redefine Web3 IP.

In a blog post, Myoo, the founder of CyberKongz, announced that CyberKongz would collaborate with Ronin to create a game centered around Genkai. He stated that this endeavor as an ambitious venture aimed at revolutionizing the approach to Web3 intellectual property through gamification.

And that’s not all – this partnership also involves the migration of Play and Kollect that is CyberKongz’s NFT minting game. This game is migrated from Polygon to Ronin which is the established network by Sky Mavis, the developer behind Axie Infinity. 

About Axie Infinity x CyberKongz

Known for their long standing collaboration, Axie Infinity and CyberKongz have always been unified by their shared values. Their story is a long and interesting one; it goes way back to 2018 when Axie Infinity’s founders met CyberKongz’s founders on the CryptoKitties Discord server and kicked it off. 

From that time, they started sharing all sorts of ideas and working together. Owl (one of the Kongs) became a part of Axie Infinity’s Discord on 6th August, 2018. Shortly after, Coco_Bear helped make Axie Infinity what it is today. He bought half of the Origins sale supply and is now a Ronin validator.

Since then, Axie Infinity and CyberKongz have been developed as parallel universes. Among other activities, they both bought lands on The Sandbox and established apps and NFT marketplaces (Mavis Market and Kongzmart). Now, in addition to Owl and Cocobear, we have CyberKongz’s Genkai.

CyberKongz releases Genkai NFTs.

The Genkai NFT Collection

This anime inspired collection contains 20,000 NFTs. 80% of which are minted on the Ethereum mainnet while the remaining is on Ronin. The mint will be in three phases before all Genkai will be made available. Excitingly, Ethereum NFT holders have the option of migrating their Genkai NFTs to Ronin later.

The public mint for the Genkai NFTs on Ethereum starts on July 27, priced at 0.25 ETH (around $460) per NFT. Mystic Axie NFT holders will receive a free Genkai NFT from Sky Mavis. 

Existing CyberKongz holders will also receive a Genkai airdrop after the collection sells out, subject to a 180-day vesting period.

The Genkai collection stands out for its celebration of inclusivity, achieved through the seamless interfacing between Ronin and Ethereum mainnet.

To access the public mint, click here.