Animoca Brands continues to establish strategic partnerships without slowing down. The company aims to improve the Web3 gaming sector with proper collaborations. For this goal, it announced new partnerships with Opal Foundation and Saakuru Labs. These collaborations will boost Animoca Brands’ integration into the Bitcoin ecosystem and accelerate the growth of Web3 gaming, particularly in Southeast Asia.

Animoca partners with Opal Foundation and Saakuru Labs.
Partnerships contribute to the development and growth in the industry.

Partnership With Opal Foundation

The partnership between Opal Foundation and Animoca focuses on incorporating BLIF tokens, central to the OPAL Protocol. The company focuses on the value and potential of Bitcoin with the collaboration.

Six companies from Animoca’s portfolio have joined as founding members of the OPAL Protocol. Going forward, Animoca’s Bitcoin-related projects will be aligned with Opal. Also, some popular companies, like Magic Eden, Xverse, ALEX, and HorizenLabs, announced their participation in this project.

Partnership With Saakuru Labs

In a parallel move, the company has forged a significant alliance with Saakuru Labs, the developer of the L2 Saakuru Protocol. This partnership aims to push the adoption of Web3 gaming by leveraging Saakuru’s blockchain technology. Moreover, the collaboration will solidify Animoca’s influence in the Southeast Asian market.

Yat Siu, the co-founder and executive chairman of Animoca Brands, highlighted the strategic importance of this collaboration:

“The Southeast Asian market, with its burgeoning tech-savvy demographic, is primed to lead the Web3 revolution. Our partnership with Saakuru Labs is pivotal in catalyzing this shift, making the open metaverse a reality through gaming.’’

These partnerships come at a time when the Web3 market is poised for rapid expansion. According to a report by Research and Markets, the Web3 market is expected to grow significantly, indicating a bright future for initiatives like those undertaken by Animoca Brands.