High-end fashion brand, Prada, has announced its plans to launch its seventh Timecapsule NFT project for the holidays. The NFT collection will make its debut in the form of an exclusive NFT drop on December 1 at 16.00 UTC. Individuals from about 45 countries will be allowed to purchase the drop on the Ethereum Blockchain.

About Prada

The renowned luxury fashion brand has been in existence for 109 years. Prada prides itself on making some of the classiest, most luxurious, and most expensive shoes, handbags, clothes, and other fashion items. Ever since it was founded by Mario Prada, the Italian brand has soared into one of the leading and most respected fashion houses on the planet.

Prada Crypted: The Division Behind The Timecapsule NFT Collection

Prada Crypted is the luxury fashion brand’s division in charge of NFTs and Web3. The launch of the seventh Timecapsule NFT Collection is set to attract a new type of target audience. All outfits in the Timecapsule Collection, as well as their corresponding NFTs, each has a serial number that relates both the physical items and digital assets.

From Prada’s Fifth Exclusive Timecapsule NFT Collection

History of Prada’s Timecapsule Collection

Prada released its first Timecapsule NFT Collection in December 2019, and this year’s version marks the seventh of such an NFT collection. During the launch of these collections, customers of the popular fashion house can buy rare, limited edition collectibles in a short span of 24 hours. 

The monthly virtual giveaway occurs on the first Thursday of the month. The digital assets in the Timecapsule Collection are 50 in number and feature genderless sweaters for the holiday season. The red and white outfits, with visible black stripes on their cuffs, are made out of Merino wool and are stitched in a unique Norwegian jacquard style. Naturally, the outfits are embroidered with Prada’s logo and ‘December’ on the back. Every item in the collection has its personal, one-of-a-kind serial number and will be delivered with custom packaging. 

From Prada’s Seventh Timecapsule NFT Collection

The Seventh Collection of Its Kind!

Just like the previous Timecapsule NFT projects, tokenholders of the new collection will enjoy access to the fashion house’s exclusive global events, like Prada Extends and Prada Mode. Earlier this month, some holders of Prada’s previous Timecapsule Collection got rewarded with a trip to Milan for Prada’s fashion event, a private tour of the showcased collection, meals from Michelin restaurants, and more. Others had the opportunity to witness the 8th edition of Prada Mode live! Owners of the first six versions of the NFT collection have been given the chance to attend Prada Extends Miami sidelining Art Basel this year.