Marvel, the creative force responsible for some of the world’s most popular comics, and Christian Louboutin, the renowned luxury shoe designer recognized for his iconic red-painted shoe soles, have revealed a collaboration. This partnership’s aim is celebrating Disney’s historic 100-year legacy.

Operating under the Disney100 banner, this partnership introduces a unique, limited-edition line of footwear and accessories. The capsule collection seamlessly merges high fashion with the Marvel Universe. It is the debut of global fashion designer Christian Louboutin as a superhero.

The fashion house has reimagined some of its most iconic designs in the collection. It has embellished them with opulent details, like vibrant rhinestones, sumptuous scales, and finishes reminiscent of armor. 

Skilled artisans have painstakingly handcrafted each piece, paying meticulous attention to every intricate element. The result is a lineup of highly coveted collector’s items.

When buyers make a purchase of physical shoes and accessories, they receive NFTs as a complimentary bonus. Nevertheless, it is important to note that designer Christian Louboutin’s veteran shoe collections are renowned for their exceedingly high prices.

Customers who acquire items from Louboutin’s Marvel capsule will be gifted with the “Sea Warrior Special Edition” NFT collectible. This particular NFT showcases the brand’s 100mm high gladiator sandals, inspired by the classic Marvel character Namor. The asset holds a real-world value of $3,495.

On the other hand, the “Sea Queen” NFT will be exclusively presented to attendees of the partnership’s luncheon event as an asset of appreciation. It features a hand-drawn illustration of a unique shoe acquired at auction and prominently displayed on the collectible. This digital version proudly bears the signature of Christian Louboutin.

Both NFTs were crafted by VeVe on the Ethereum network, operating as an app-based marketplace for licensed digital collectibles. 

VeVe specializes in bringing renowned brands, such as Marvel, Star Wars, and Disney, into the NFT market. Furthermore, the app includes a 3D augmented reality photo mode for users to interact with these assets.