Fairfax holds a special place in The Hundreds’ history because its principal store was opened in Fairfax in 2007. To commemorate its 20th anniversary, The Hundreds is collaborating with some.place. This partnership entails the creation of a metaverse rendition of the Fairfax store.

The Hundreds, a prominent streetwear brand founded in 2003, has its distinct aesthetic deeply rooted in street culture. Throughout the years, the brand has forged collaborations with renowned brands, showcasing their innovative prowess. It’s no surprise that they are now 20 years in the industry, a testament to their enduring and adaptive success.

The Hundreds’ Metaverse Shop

The metaverse transcends physical barriers, offering a captivating and interactive realm that facilitates more engaging and mutually rewarding experiences. Building on this trend, The Hundreds’ collaboration with some.place brings their celebrated brand into the metaverse. It seeks to leverage its boundless possibilities to further captivate and engage their audience.

Located in some.place, this digital shop aims to unite The Hundreds ecosystem for shopping and socializing. This shop is powered by the latest Unreal Engine 5 technology.

Currently, individuals who possess NFTs, specifically Adam Bomb Squad, Badam Bomb Squad, and some.place NFT holders, can already gain beta access. This access is made possible through the implementation of token-gates, a technological solution that grants entry to those who hold NFTs.

Bobby Kim, the co-founder of The Hundreds, shared that the team was excited to create their virtual stores exactly as they envisioned them. He added that the digital experience is designed to bring the community together without incorporating any gamification elements.

The Rise of Fashion in Metaverse

The Hundreds is not the only fashion brand exploring the metaverse! In recent years, many brands and designers in the fashion industry have entered the metaverse. 

Lots of fashion brands and designers see the virtual world as a platform to showcase collections and create immersive experiences for their fans. Hugo Boss, Gucci, Calvin Klein, among other fashion companies are building community, forging alliances, and establishing virtual storefronts.

About some.place

Launched in 2021, some.place is a drop-oriented platform. It empowers users to transform their digital collections into immersive 3D experiences and monetize them. With these features, it fosters a blend of commerce and community. 

The platform aims to elevate and reimagine the process of discovering creative content in fashion, art, and music, regardless of location.