It is no secret that the metaverse is steading cutting across various industries – one of which is the fashion industry. Fashion brands and houses are currently interested in virtual ads and fashion shows. These are the top five fashion brands that are continuing their efforts in Web3.

Gucci Vault in The Sandbox


Founded in 1921, Gucci is a notable fashion house that specializes in luxury apparel and clothing usually worn by celebrities and wealthy individuals. The Italian fashion house recently released The Gucci Vault Discord which will push open discussions about what the future of the metaverse holds. It will also serve as a channel that will host Gucci’s creativity in exploring new virtual spaces. The House of Gucci also collaborated with Superplastic to launch SuperGucci, a collection of rare and distinct CryptoJanky NFTs and ceramic works inspired by Gucci’s unique symbols and patterns.

CryptoKicks by Nike


This manufacturer of clothing and fashion accessories, renowned for its unique logo and motto “Just Do It”, has also been heavily invested in the metaverse. Last year, Nike acquired RTFKT and launched an Ethereum-based collection of virtual sneakers called CryptoKicks. RTKFT made $3.1 million in seven minutes by selling 600 tokenized pairs of shoes. The sports apparel manufacturer also launched a Polygon-based Web3 apparel platform known as . Swoosh.

Adidas Virtual Gear


The German fashion company made a statement with its partnership with BAYC, Punks Comics, and Gmoney. Together, these parties created a collection of 30,000 NFTs that come with an item of physical clothing. Adidas Originals also released a limited NFT collection of 16 tokenized Adidas wearables. The collection, titled Adidas Virtual Gear, was made available for Adidas customers that already possessed Phase 2 Capsule wallets. Adidas Originals has released two other popular NFT collections: Into The Metaverse and Capsule.

A piece from Prada Timecapsule NFT Collection


At the end of last year, the Italian luxury fashion brand announced the launch of its seventh exclusive Timecapsule NFT collection. The holders of this collection enjoyed access to Prada Extends and Prada Mode. The first Timecapsule collection was released in December 2019, and these digital collectibles are only made available for a limited period of 24 hours. Prada has also decided to work together with Adidas Originals to launch Adidas for Prada Re-Source.

Givenchy x Chito NFT Collection


Givenchy has often been heard in the mouths of hip-hop artists and fans for its unique and simply breathtaking pieces. As a subsidiary of LMVH, Givenchy has joined the trend of leading fashion brands participating in the metaverse. In a partnership with notable graphic artist, Chito, the high-end fashion house made its debut in the digital space by releasing a collection of 15 NFTs that were auctioned on Polygon. This seven-day sale led various luxury companies, including LVMH, into developing smart contracts. The earnings from this auction were donated to Givenchy’s charity partner, The Ocean Cleanup, whose goal is to eliminate plastic pollution. In November 2022, the luxury fashion house also collaborated with Bstroy to release phygital NFTs.