Recently, the fast-food giant McDonald’s made headlines by revealing its entry into the metaverse through the launch of McNuggets Land. This groundbreaking initiative seeks to immerse players in a virtual world inspired by McNuggets. 

McDonald’s Hong Kong has chosen The Sandbox as the developer to create its inaugural Web3 encounter, McNuggets Land. The immersive virtual realm is devoted to commemorating the 40th anniversary of Chicken McNuggets.

Users embark on an immersive experience, journeying to a virtual store housing a concealed factory. Additionally, they enjoy a historical tour of the chicken snack. 

Within this virtual world, gamers play and accomplish quests to earn well-deserved rewards. There, they can partake in many engaging activities and stand a chance to win $SAND and other valuable digital assets.

Since July 20th, players have been able to participate in various gameplays and use McNuggets as their avatars. They have also been able to capture images of these in-game characters and share them across social media platforms.

Amazing Rewards Up For Grabs For McDonald’s Customers Worldwide!

McDonald’s restaurants in Hong Kong offer 365-day free Chicken McNuggets coupons for redemption. Users can win and claim these in the virtual world with an email address. Hong Kong-based players will receive exclusive rewards not found in the main prize pool as a special incentive. 

For instance, players who complete all quests and rank 4th, 14th, 40th, 140th, 240th, 340th, 440th, 640th, 840th, and 1040th will be granted a year’s supply of chicken nuggets. Moreover, the first 10,000 players who accomplish at least one quest will be presented with six pieces of the Extra Value Meal Coupon.

Global players can participate and win from a separate prize pool in the McDonald’s McNuggets Land experience. Those who successfully accomplish all the quests can share 10,000 $SAND and receive a mystery box. Furthermore, participants who complete at least one quest will also secure memorabilia.

McDonald's partners with The Sandbox.

The Sandbox Brings Yet Another Brand Into Web3

The Sandbox has engaged in virtual world collaborations with numerous global brands preceding McDonald’s. This Web3 company has forged partnerships with almost 400 other companies. Major brands include Warner Music Group, Nuclear Blast, Cipriani, Gucci, and BBC

Also, The Sandbox has worked with notable personalities and franchises, like Snoop Dogg, Paris Hilton, The Smurfs, and The Walking Dead.