Known for her influence in pop culture, Paris Hilton’s diverse talents range from singing, acting to even DJing. She’s also one of the celebrities embracing digital art. Now, she is set to launch her avatar collection in The Sandbox!

The Sandbox is one of the top 5 metaverse platforms to be entered this year. In addition, The Sandbox has collaborated with stars and celebrities, like Snoop Dogg. It has also been pivotal to NFT projects that cut across several industries, such as fashion, music, and hospitality. Recently, it teamed up with Hong Kong universities to revolutionize education.

As you can understand from the above situations, The Sandbox is very popular in different fields. Hence, the selection by Paris Hilton is not a surprising circumstance. We are waiting The Sandbox avatars of the beautiful name excitingly! 

About Hilton’s Unparalleled Avatar Collection 

This collection celebrates Hilton’s fashion style from her record smashing red carpet looks to her costume pieces. Players can bring out their inner ‘Paris Hilton’ and wear her accessories! 

What makes this collection distinct is the fact that it was specially curated by Hilton herself. Hilton expressed that she committed a huge amount of time to carefully curating the pieces, making them “genuinely embody” who she is.

This collection will feature 5,555 avatars; each with a special subset of eleven special 1-of-1 hand-crafted NFTs. 

Paris Hilton releases NFT avatars.

Unlocking an avatar grants you access to in-game benefits and exciting opportunities to win SAND. The avatars will go for 100 SAND each.

Holders of the subset NFTs will get a free VIP ticket to Paris: Live in Concert on June 7! As an additional benefit, there is a prize pool of 200,000 $SAND available. It’s exclusive to Paris Hilton Avatar holders. 

There will be three waves for the launch of the avatar collection. Each will take place on The Sandbox’s drop page. The first wave is set to take place on May 31st, 2023. 

An avatar from Paris Hilton's NFT collection
An avatar from the NFT collection

This is not Paris Hilton’s first collaboration with The Sandbox or her first venture into the metaverse. Earlier this year, she launched Parisland, a valentine’s dating experience on The Sandbox. Also, in 2021, she partnered with Roblox to create ParisWorld.

With the partnerships with Roblox and The Sandbox, Hilton shows her interest and attention towards the virtual world.