Popular video game publisher Ubisoft revealed its intention to function as a validator on the Cronos network. 

Ubisoft’s inclusion aligns with Cronos’ approach of teaming up with accomplished technical contributors and validators in the open-source community. The gaming studio, previously mentoring in the Cronos Accelerator Program in 2022, has become one of the 27 other Cronos blockchain validators. 

Ubisoft, renowned for crafting captivating and immersive gaming experiences through innovative technologies, actively contributes to blockchain governance and network update approvals as a validator. Others include Crypto.com, Blockdaemon, Dora Factory, Defier, Stakin, Icy Road, Lastation, SwissCro, Ubik Capital, and Allnodes. 

A more significant number of validators usually indicates a more decentralized network. Nodes contribute to the decentralized validation of transactions on the network. They generate or verify new blocks approximately every five to six seconds on average.

The expertise of Ubisoft’s Strategic Innovation Lab significantly enhances the Cronos ecosystem. It will provide valuable feedback on technology enhancements that cater to gaming applications.

Ken Timsit, the Managing Director of Cronos Labs, expressed his observations about the Ubisoft team. Throughout the years, he has frequently encountered the Ubisoft team. He has noted their comprehension of blockchain technology’s potential and limitations in fostering more robust connections between game creators and players.

Timsit stated about the current development: 

“Their involvement in the exploration of the technology is reflected in their decision to participate in the open-source Cronos project as a validator. We look forward to leveraging their enthusiasm for blockchain technology and being challenged by their team as we progress on the technical and ecosystem roadmap of the Cronos chain.’’

Ubisoft Invests in Web3 Once More!

Ubisoft is endorsing Cronos as it seeks to integrate itself into the NFT gaming domain. This move comes after years of initiating exclusive blockchain games, supporting diverse platforms, and investing in correlated undertakings.

The company is currently developing ‘Champions Tactics: Grimoria Chronicles’. The Oasys blockchain network revealed the tactical role-playing game not too long ago. Furthermore, its Rabbids-themed NFT Collection, launched earlier this year, has proven to be a triumph.

About Cronos

In the realm of blockchain networks, Cronos is the leading EVM-compatible layer 1 solution crafted upon the robust Cosmos SDK. It is supported by Crypto.com, Crypto.org, and an extensive consortium of over 500 app developers and partners.

Cronos embodies a noble mission – to facilitate the seamless and secure adoption of self-custody in Web3 for the next billion crypto enthusiasts, emphasizing DeFi and GameFi domains.