One of the top 5 metaverse platforms, The Sandbox, has announced a VoxEdit contest featuring The Walking Dead which is a popular horror series focusing on zombies. 

To that end, fans of The Walking Dead can create a voxel asset to qualify for a share in the 15000 $SAND grand prize.

Those wishing to participate and unleash their creativity must use The Sandbox’s VoxEdit software to build an animated NFT. They need to be inspired by the original comics that spiraled into The Walking Dead universe. 

Participants can unlock their voxel skills and produce famous undead characters, like Michone, Rick, and Daryl. It is an opportunity to relive gut-retching and blood curdling moments. 

The NFTs, however, cannot look like any content from the TV series due to licensing issues.

The Walking Dead voxel NFT

How will the Competition Happen?

The Sandbox has flagged the contest open, and it will run until 11:59 PM UTC on May 14. After that, on June 3, the results will be announced. The most creative entries (the top ten) will share the 15k $SAND rewards pool!

The first place prize is 6k, the second place prize is 3.5k, and the third place prize is 2k in this contest. 

Runners-up will receive 500 $SAND each to compensate for their efforts. The team asks participants to exercise patience as prize distribution may take some time.

For eligible entries, participants must create their NFT asset with The Sandbox’s VoxEdit software. Then, they’ll post their assets as GIFs on Twitter, not forgetting to tag @TheSandboxGame and @VoxEdit. They also need to use the #VoxEditWeekly hashtag so that their entries will be seen easily. Lastly, they need to fill out a submission form

The Sandbox The Walking Dead

Like we mentioned earlier, all entries must resonate with “The Walking Dead” series. They must also be high-quality, family-friendly and showcase the artist’s unique talent.

This contest is such an incredible opportunity to share your love for The Walking Dead and get exciting rewards. To create your voxels and stand a chance to win, click here.