DBS, a leading bank in Singapore, has revealed its plans to introduce a metaverse game that centers around educating people about sustainability and the problems of food waste. 

The game, named BetterWorld, will be launched on The Sandbox by the bank. With a gameplay duration of 20-25 minutes, the game’s primary emphasis will lie in addressing social issues, like food waste.

For approximately a year, DBS has been developing the concept. In 2022, the company acquired a parcel of land within The Sandbox, incorporating immersive features into the environment

DBS BetterWorld is an interactive and gamified adventure designed to showcase the strategies devised by Businesses for Impact, which is backed by the DBS Foundation, to tackle the global issue of food waste. According to the United Nations, around 1.3 billion tonnes, equivalent to one-third of the total global food production, go to waste annually.

Players must accomplish a series of tasks that draw inspiration from five enterprises aided by the DBS Foundation. These businesses have distinct methods for reducing food waste: 

  • Brewerkz repurposes brewers’ spent grains.
  • Breer is a startup from Hong Kong that gathers surplus bread to create craft beer.
  • GreenPrice specializes in selling food that’s nearing or past its best before date.
  • Edible Garden City strives to make soil-based urban farming and edible gardening more attainable for city residents.
  • Rooftop Republic is a Hong Kong-based company that transforms underutilized and unconventional spaces into urban farms.

Karen Ngui, the head of group strategic marketing and communications at DBS and a board member of the foundation, stated:

“For starters, with DBS BetterWorld, we have chosen to delve into the challenges of food waste and food resilience, issues that DBS and the DBS Foundation have been championing, in a unique and engaging way, As metaverse technologies mature, we hope to create mechanisms for communities and businesses to translate the outcomes of their virtual initiatives to real world impact.”

DBS PayLah! 2 will offer additional rewards that players located in Singapore can claim through unique QR codes. Players will have the opportunity to uncover hidden surprises, such as appearances by beloved characters from DBS Bank’s Sparks. The public will gain access to DBS BetterWorld upon the launch of The Sandbox’s Alpha Season 43.