Cipriani is an Italian restaurant founded in 1931 by Giuseppe Cipriani. Located in Venice, Italy, it is well-known for its elegance and quality service. The restaurant is mostly famous for its classic Bellini cocktail and Carpaccio, which together provide an alluring culinary experience. 

Now, Cipriani is celebrating its 92nd anniversary of its iconic Harry’s Bar in a sensational partnership with The Sandbox.

The celebration is accompanied by an NFT drop, adding an innovative touch to the occasion. This partnership brings a unique and exciting element to the festivities. Get ready to be enchanted by Cipriani as it takes you on a surreal voyage of flavors and rich Italian heritage!

Italian Elegance in the Metaverse 

Players will have the chance to discover the streets of Venice and encounter the Cipriani family through this partnership. 

They will also uncover the true story behind Bellini, explore a recreated Cipriani Wall Street Ballroom in The Sandbox virtual world. 

Through this immersive experience, they will have the opportunity to participate in a variety of cultural events. These events include masquerade balls, fashion shows, concerts, among others. The recreated Cipriani Wall Street Ballroom will serve as the backdrop for these engaging and entertaining activities. 

Participants will have a chance to fully immerse themselves in a virtual world of cultural richness and excitement.

Harry’s Bar, Source: Cipriani
Harry’s Bar, Source: Cipriani

Cipriani’s LAND will be located in The Galleria neighborhood on The Sandbox map. The Galleria neighborhood is designed to cater to fashion, media, and hospitality brands.

The first event to take place in Cipriani’s LAND will be The Masquerade, which provides an opportunity to meet new people and learn more about the Cipriani family. During this event, attendees will wear exquisite masks while enjoying delightful music.

When players venture into Venice, they will be transported back in time upon reaching Harry’s Bar. There, they will have the chance to mingle with royalty, aristocrats, and other remarkable historical figures while savoring the renowned Bellini cocktail.

Final Words

Within The Sandbox metaverse, you can find popular brands, such as ParisLand and Tony Hawk Land. Tony Hawk Land houses the largest virtual skating park. The Sandbox provides players with the ability to exercise their creativity and build their own unique worlds.