Atrium, in collaboration with Nouns DAO, has made history by producing the first-ever animated movie funded by a decentralized autonomous organization (DAO). 

The movie, titled ‘’The Rise of Blus’’, redefines the traditional financing model of the film industry and explores the possibilities for creative collaboration and investment. 

The project is funded by Nouns DAO and has a budget of $2.75 million. It boasts of seasoned creatives who have worked with industry giants, like Marvel and Pixar. The budget will be disbursed in installments upon the team’s successful achievement of predefined milestones.

Zen Doubt, the co-director, disclosed that the team was from all corners of the world, and the team members communicated with each other via Discord. He also mentioned that they had brainstormed feedback by using Figma and Syncsketch and rendered the project by using Unreal Engine.

Blus: A Floating City

The plot of this movie revolves around a boy’s heroic act after uncovering a dark and twisted plot by the elites of Blus. 

Supriyo Roy, the co-founder of Atrium, revealed that the protagonist is unique and unrelated to any specific Noun NFT. However, he indicated that other characters will draw inspiration from existing Noun NFTs.

Witness the pilot episode, where Noun and his ensemble embark on a daring mission to foil the sinister plot. Dive into the action by clicking here to watch the episode!

About Atrium 

Atrium is a creative studio and artist platform. It collaborates with a diverse range of clients including collectors, brands, individuals, and DAOs to provide an array of services. 

Atrium’s services include a commission on a piece of artwork, animated series, or maximizing intellectual property rights. The company offers tailored solutions to meet these demands.

About Nouns DAO

Nouns NFTs form a blockchain-based project that launched in 2021. The project showcases pixel avatars representing individuals, locations, or objects. Nouns NFTs are unique generative art pieces created through computer algorithms. 

Nouns DAO, the decentralized governing body, enables token holders to vote on important decisions. Additionally, the project operates as an open-source protocol, with sales proceeds contributing to a community treasury.

Final Words

Nouns DAO and Atrium are not alone in connecting the cinema industry with the Web3 space! 

Previously, Warner Bros premiered The Lord of the Rings as its first NFT film. This year, it is partnering with Eluvio to wow fans with Superman NFT Movie Experience. 

Also, BBC filed for trademarks and is partnering with The Sandbox to bring Dr. Who and Top Gear into the virtual world. 

Like Nouns DAO, BBC, and Warner Bros, there are lots of big companies dealing with the Web3 technologies to make cinema fans happy. 

By embracing Web3, filmmakers are exploring alternative funding sources and connecting with audiences in more immersive ways. This shows how Web3 has the potential to reshape the structure of the film industry.