FC Barcelona, in collaboration with the NFT project World of Women, is unveiling the latest addition to its digital art collection called “Masterpieces”. The collection highlights the achievements of iconic female soccer players associated with the club. 

The second artwork in the series, named “Empowerment”, is inspired by women’s club captain Alexia Putellas and symbolizes transformation and progress.

Created by artist Rhi Madeline, Empowerment depicts Putellas during her remarkable performance in the Women’s Champions League semi-final match against Wolfsburg in 2022. She scored two goals, leading her team to victory. The artwork aims to celebrate her achievements and showcase the strength of women in sports.

The NFT auction will take place exclusively on OpenSea for two days, starting from June 26. The NFT is minted on the Ethereum scaling network, Polygon, and ownership comes with physical benefits. 

Alexia Putellas
Alexia Putellas

The buyer of the NFT will have the unique opportunity to meet Putellas in person and receive a signed pair of boots, as well as a physical seat from Barcelona’s stadium, Camp Nou, also signed by the player herself.

The collaboration between FC Barcelona and the World of Women aims to empower women in soccer and sports in general. The project seeks to highlight the resilience of women and foster discussions about the challenges they face. 

Shannon Snow, the COO of World of Women, emphasized the significance of this partnership and praised Alexia Putellas as an ideal representative of their vision. Putellas is recognized as a symbol of progress for women in sports.

FC Barcelona’s Experience in the NFT Space

This is not the first venture into the NFT space for FC Barcelona! Their initial Masterpiece NFT was dedicated to the legendary player and manager Johan Cruyff. Titled “In A Way, Immortal”, the artwork was auctioned at Sotheby’s in July 2022 and fetched an impressive $693,000. 

Barcelona has also partnered with Plastiks to release NFTs focused on addressing plastic pollution.

As FC Barcelona continues to release its series of “Masterpieces”, the club is pioneering the fusion of sports, art, and blockchain. The initiatives not only celebrate the achievements of athletes but also contribute to the growing popularity and acceptance of NFTs in the world of sports and beyond.

About World of Women

World of Women is an NFT project that focuses on highlighting the accomplishments and stories of influential women

Through digital art and blockchain technology, World of Women aims to recognize the contributions of women across various fields and inspire discussions on gender equality and empowerment.