Metaverse welcomes all artists, including musicians, and provides a virtuality to engage fans on a deeper level. Some artists, like Snoop Dogg, are considering the benefit of Metaverse. Now, Bebe Rexha is also entering the virtual world!

Partnering with TerraZero and Warner Records, the Grammy-nominated singer creates Bebeverse, an exclusive metaverse platform.

The Bebeverse gives fans the opportunity to explore TerraZero’s “Intraverse Technology”. 

Bebe Rexha released Bebeverse.

Fondly called ‘The Mothership’, Rexha’s metaverse delivers an immersive out-of-this-world adventure experience. It is a virtual spaceship built with a retro style and contains songs from Rexha’s most recent album, titled ‘’Bebe’’. 

In the metaverse, users transform into a ‘Bebe’ avatar and are expected to party with other Bebes. There are also other activities in the Bebeverse apart from partying. Users can play games, compete, and win exclusive prizes, like signed copies of the latest Bebe album.

To learn more about the Bebeverse or join Bebe Rexha and other fans in it, click here

About Bebe Rexha

Bebe Rexha is a singer and songwriter best known for her vocal dexterity and excellent songwriting skills. Her first songwriting credit was a song for k-pop boy band, Shinee. Bebe went on to gain songwriting credits on Eminem and Rihanna’s single ‘The Monster’.

After joining Warner Records in 2013, the song went on to win the Grammy award for Best Rap/Song Performance in 2015. Following the success of ‘The Monster’, Bebe’s singing career took off. She went on to write and perform several hits. One of her songs ‘I’m a mess’ was number 13 on the Billboard chart in the US.

Bebe Rexha partnered with Snoop Dogg.

Last month, she featured renowned rapper, Snoop Dogg, on a song titled ‘Satellite’. The song was released on April 20. It has an animated poster and music video inspired by the Jetsons. The Jetsons is a 1962 futuristic space cartoon created by Hanna-Barbera Productions. 

Satellite is one of the songs fans will be enjoying in Bebe Rexha’s Bebeverse.

Final Words

Like in the gaming industry, blockchain technology, NFTs, and Metaverse have a huge impact on the music industry. This reality can be understood with the launch of Bebeverse.

If you want to connect your favorite Bebe Rexha’s songs with the metaverse idea, you must visit Bebeverse!