Partnering with Polkadot, Beatport will be launching – a Web3 marketplace to enable fans to stream electronic music and engage with artists and labels. 

The marketplace will be designed by Define Creative and represents one of the ways NFTs are changing the music industry.

On this digital collectibles platform, artists and users will be able to create and sell unique assets while interacting meaningfully with fans and other members of the Web3 community.

It will allow artists, producers, and labels to enjoy the benefits of Web3. Also, music fans, especially electronic music fans, will focus on the value of NFTs and develop a connection with their favorite artists and DJs with the help of this platform. 

The web app of Beatport
Beatport’s Website

The Senior Vice President of Beatport’s Media Group, Ed Hill, said that this collaboration with Polkadot was necessary to “usher in a new era” and allow them “seamlessly leverage Web3” to deliver new experiences for artists and fans of electronic music.

On the platform, artists and labels can interact with fans via early access to discounted tickets, unreleased tracks, access to events, and other exciting experiences. Fans can enjoy new streams, and artists can create loyal communities and reap massive benefits.

Apart from the marketplace, Beatport and Polkadot will also be creating ten events together to commemorate new NFT collections to be accessed through integrated Polkadot portfolios.

About Beatport 

Beatport is built for DJs, producers, and their fans. The group’s portfolio spans a wide range of premium audio solutions to enjoy, like exclusive content, full-track downloads, exclusive sound packages, plugins, and a streaming service integrated into DJ software and hardware. 

It is a truly global team with offices located in Denver, Berlin, Brighton, and Los Angeles.

About Polkadot

Created in 2014, Polkadot is a futuristic blockchain ecosystem that enables complete decentralization and gives users full control. 

It connects oracles, permissionless networks, and future technologies yet to be created and removes the barriers and limitations involved in creating decentralized applications. 

Polkadot offers technical advancements that make blockchain practical, interoperable, scalable, and positioned for innovation future-proof.