Manchester City Football Club announced a new multi-year partnership with Quidd, a digital collectible platform that is a subsidiary of Animoca Brands. This collaboration marks an extension of their initial partnership which began in December 2020.

The partnership between Manchester City and Quidd will innovate the way fans interact with football memorabilia through digital technology. Under the collaboration, Quidd will create and launch amazing digital assets. These assets will include special edition digital cards that fans can collect and trade. Also, fans will get the chance to reach some exclusive experiences with the cards; for example, the owners can attend Manchester City training sessions, gain access to VIP events, and receive official club merchandise.

The partnership is set to launch its first product, a series of 200 bespoke digital player cards, on May 2, 2024. These cards will be available on the Quidd marketplace. To make the offer more appealing, the cards will be priced at £0.79 for a pack of three. In addition, the first 10,000 buyers will receive two exclusive ‘For the Fans’ packs.

Tom Boyle, Vice President, Global Partnerships Marketing and Operations at City Football Group, expressed his enthusiasm about the partnership:

“We’re pleased to announce our new partnership with Quidd today. We’re excited to help transform the traditional football pastime of cards and collectibles in a new digital age alongside Quidd, enabling us to further connect with our fans across the globe. We look forward to working together on creating new digital experiences and games for our fans to enjoy.”

Michael Bramlage, the CEO of Quidd, stated that collaborating with Manchester City, a leading and progressive football club, aligns with Quidd’s mission to become the top digital collectibles platform worldwide. The interest of football fans in the NFT world is increasing with the bridge between the digital space and real life. This connection sets new standards for fan interaction and engagement in the sports industry. We think that digital collectibles will play a central role in how fans celebrate and connect with their favorite teams in the future.