Nike hinted at a possible collaboration with Fortnite a few days ago. Now, the partnership is official; the alliance between the popular game and Nike’s .SWOOSH will create an immersive virtual experience where players can earn digital sneakers as rewards!

They are introducing “Airphoria”, a unique venture between Nike, Epic Games (the creators of Fortnite), and Beyond Creative which is a branded game builder). 

Until June 27, players can enjoy this exciting game within the Fortnite universe. By spending at least 10 minutes on the island, Fortnite players will receive the Air Max 1 ’86 Back Bling. The cosmetic asset is exclusively usable in the game.

In addition, players who connect their Epic Games and Nike accounts during the availability of Airphoria will have the opportunity to obtain an “Achievement” on .SWOOSH. These Achievements cannot be exchanged or sold and hold no monetary value. 

Nike and Epic Games are partners for digital sneakers.

Furthermore, Nike and Fortnite have collaborated on various digital items, including the Airie and Maxxed Out Max outfits. These virtual assets are available for purchase in the Fortnite Item Shop.

Epic’s partnership with Nike and the launch of ‘Airphoria’ is one of many future collaborations enabling players to opt-in to connecting their online presence across ecosystems. This is all part of a larger effort to bring Nike’s Air Max brand into the world of Fortnite with cosmetics, Fortnite islands, and account linking between Nike and Epic, introducing Nike .SWOOSH achievement badges for players who link accounts. The connection between Fortnite and Nike doesn’t integrate any NFTs or digital item trading marketplaces into the Fortnite world or its economy.”

Players are strongly encouraged to link their Epic Games and .SWOOSH accounts. This merge will grant them priority access to a forthcoming virtual collection called .SWOOSH Air Max. 

Epic Games states that linking accounts will enable the interoperability of virtual goods, such as Fortnite skins and Nike achievements. It will start with the ability to claim .SWOOSH Achievements upon account linkage or cosmetic purchase. .SWOOSH relies on BitGo, a crypto custody firm, as its third-party wallet provider.

On June 15, Nike enabled holders to unveil their NFTs, offering a glimpse into future rarity traits and utility. .SWOOSH has revealed that certain Nike digital collectibles are associated with exclusive advantages. These benefits include access to physical product releases, immersive experiences, utilization of video games, and more.