As a sponsor of DYGYCON, we want to introduce DYGYCON 12 and share its details!

What is DYGYCON?

DYGYCON is a metaverse convention that is hosted by Splinterlands and powered by Inverse. The convention occurs bimonthly where participants encounter giveaways, great crypto projects, presentations, and community networking!

It is time to participate in DYGYCON 12!

The twelfth version of DYGYCON opened its doors yesterday, November 18, and the main event of DYGYCON 12 will occur today! The exact time of the main event is 14.00-17.00 EST (19.00-22.00 UTC). There are already over 1000 participants in DYGYCON 12. The amazing convention will finish tomorrow, so you should not miss it. For joining DYGYCON 12, you should not think about traveling or accommodation because the convention is virtual!

What awaits you at DYGYCON 12?

As we mentioned above, you can participate in giveaways, meet crypto projects, listen to presentations about NFTs, blockchain, and gaming, and expand your network and develop your NFT community at DYGYCON 12! Now, we want to explain the opportunities and activities of DYGYCON 12 in detail.

In DYGYCON 12, there are various activities that are SWAG booth, NFT auction, Scavenger Hunt, Achievement Badge challenge, and scheduled activities by sponsors.

Scavenger Hunt: In this activity, there are 4 available slots for $50 each.

Achievement Badge Challenge: Biggest Fish, Highest Guest, Star Collector, and Best Dance Moves are involved as achievement badges.

In addition to these full of fun and informative activities, you can encounter NFT Horizon’s Hall at DYGYCON 12. Our hall consists of R-Planet, Gods and Legends NFT, ORCHID HUNTER, NFT Battle Miners, SwampSoldiers, Ratic, CryptoLions, Immersys, The Online Inn, Siege of Mytra, NFT Backers, and cryptomonKeys. Feel free to visit our hall and meet with us at DYGYCON 12!

*You can glance at the schedule of DYGYCON 12 via the link.

If you are a blockchain-lover, you must join DYGYCON 12 because the convention involves significant information about blockchain technology, Metaverse, the NFT world, cryptocurrencies, gaming, and so on. Also, you can get the chance of networking with successful people from the field at the event!


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