As a sponsor, we would like to announce that DYGYCON 11 will open its doors on 23 September 2022. Now, it is time to explain the details of the event!

What is DYGYCON?

DYGYCON is a bimonthly Metaverse experience that is organized by Splinterlands; Splinterlands is an amazing blockchain trading card game, and players can reach real money rewards with the help of the game. The team behind the game is also doing a better job in arranging a valuable event.

In DYGYCON, people get the chance of participating in giveaways, and they can expand their network in the field. Furthermore, participants can learn more about various crypto projects and listen to different presentations about blockchain technology, NFTs, media, gaming, finance, Metaverse, and cryptocurrencies.

If you want to make life-changing connections, you should learn that DYGYCON 11 will open on 23 September, and it will end on 25 September. Also, we want to mention that the main event of DYGYCON 11 will be on 24 September, at 14.00-17.00 EST.

What awaits you at DYGYCON 11?

Like in the previous DYGYCONs, you will encounter amazing activities and expand your network in the field. You should create your avatar if you participate in the event for the first time. Now, we want to explain the activities that you can deal with at DYGYCON 11!

  • You can go to NFT Auction House and sign up to list your NFTs.
  • You can get achievement badges; participants will encounter the chance of earning some NFT achievement badges from DYGYCON. At that point, we want to emphasize that all NFT badges are animated! You can learn the other details about the badges via the link.
  • Since DYGYCON 5, there is a great activity called Scavenger Hunt. In the activity, you can encounter additional prizes.
  • There will be various exhibit halls involving NFT Horizon’s hall. If you want to get more information about us, feel free to visit our hall at DYGYCON 11. Also, our visitors will encounter beautiful surprises! In addition to NFT Horizon’s hall, participants will encounter AtomicHub, NeftyBlocks, EMP, Gala Games, Hive, Revolution Moon Earth, and Splinterlands as hall sponsors.

In addition above-mentioned things, participants can encounter chat areas, various games, speaker panels, workshops, AMA sessions, launches of movies, virtual parties, game screenings, SWAG Booth, and so on.

How to register for DYGYCON 11?

If you want to be a sponsor of DYGYCON 11, you can share your project by owning a virtual booth, branding a room, creating custom items, hosting a talk/workshop/AMA, or offer SWAG at the DYGYCON SWAG Booth. If you are a partner of Splinterlands, your booth will be discounted!

The second option is the general attendee. You need a computer or desktop because mobile and table are not supported now.

The third option is volunteering. In other words, you can be an event staff volunteer at DYGYCON 11.

You can get other details about the types of registration via the link.

If you want to develop your knowledge about gaming, the NFT world, Metaverse, and blockchain technology, you should not miss DYGYCON 11!