The online collectible card game Splinterlands has taken social media by surprise as it announced its partnership with OpenSea to launch an exclusive mint of their “RUNI’’ NFTs. The purpose is simple, reach every gamer in the Web3 ecosystem and onboard them into the amazing videogame they are building.

RUNIs are the very first generative NFT for the game! Each of them is a one-of-a-kind Legendary card that will be playable within the game, showing the potential of NFT interoperability and utility within a profile picture.

Splinterlands CEO & Co-Founder Jesse “Aggroed” Reich stated:

“We’re excited to bring Splinterlands into the OpenSea ecosystem in such a direct way and to cross-pollinate our user bases. It’s a perfect partnership that will serve our mutual desire to see more people get excited about the incredible possibilities of our industry. We couldn’t ask for a better partner for the launch of Runi.”

Are you interested in getting a RUNI? Don´t miss the information below.

How to mint a RUNI on OpenSea:

Splinterland runs on the Hive Blockchain, and even though they have partnered 2 years ago with OpenSea to provide the ability to transfer their NFTs to ERC-20, the RUNI collection is the first drop from Splinterlands on the Ethereum Blockchain. The allowlist mint has been running since October 25th, and the public mint will start on November 3rd. The price of each RUNI is 0.38 ETH (~$500).

RUNIs, more than a profile picture:

500$ might sound expensive to a lot of people in the bear market, however, RUNIs are not only adorable and huggable profile pictures, but they are also Legendary Level 4 cards that will carry you to victory in most of your Splinterlands matches. It is a nice entry point for ETH gamers and a spectacular way to strengthen your deck if you are already a try-hard battler.

The abilities of RUNI are unique and could add a competitive edge over any opponent:

-At zero health, the Runi character can resurrect itself and return to the fight with 1 Health!

-Runi character has three unique abilities: (1) Opportunity (targets the enemy with the lowest health), (2) True Strike (it will never miss), and (3) Reflection Shield (making it immune to indirect damage).