We are proud to be a sponsor for DYGYCON because it is an amazing event in which people can communicate with each other to improve their knowledge about the NFT world and blockchain technology. Also, we would like to announce that NFT Horizon will have a hall at DYGYCON 10; do not forget to visit our hall and the brands in our hall at DYGYCON 10 because we will provide the participants with many prizes during the event! In old news, we mentioned about DYGYCON 9, and it is time to talk about DYGYCON 10!

What is DYGYCON?

DYGYCON is a Metaverse convention involving crypto projects, giveaways, presentations from the field, and community networking. The convention is hosted bi-monthly on Gamerjibe Metaverse, and it is organized by the team behind Splinterlands which is a hit blockchain-backed trading card game.

If you would like to develop yourself in finance, gaming, media, the NFT world, Metaverse, cryptocurrencies, and blockchain technology, you can consider participating in DYGYCON 10.

With the help of the convention, participants can encounter life-changing connections and reach significant information about the field. Hence, DYGYCON 10 can improve your business that is based on blockchain technology!

*DYGYCON 10 will open on 15 July 2022, and it will last until 17 July 2022. The main date of DYGYCON 10 is 16 July 2022, 7-10 PM UTC.

A moment from DYGYCON 4

What awaits you at DYGYCON 10?

Like in the old DYGYCONs, you will have your avatar in the virtual environment, and you will have the chance to reach fun quests, games, and activities during the convention!

-Welcome Room is the landing point into the DYGYCON virtual event venue.

-There will be chat areas, and individuals can communicate with each other by using their microphones and video.

-Tailgate area will involve various games and activities for the participants.

-There will be exhibit halls, and participants can explore and showcase brands, projects, influencers, and more vie the halls.

-There will be a presentation room for scheduled events from speaker panels, workshops, and AMAs. Furthermore, there will be the launches of movies, game screenings, and parties in the room.

-There will be a community lounge in which participants can reach individuals from the crypto community and expand their network in the field.

-The party room consists of concession stands, DJ setup & dance, and chat areas, so the participants can have fun in a good way.  

-DYGYCON will provide the individual who catches the biggest fish in the fishing pond with NFT Achievement Badge.

In addition to these, you can get the chance to encounter SWAG Booth, NFT Auction House, various achievement badges, Scavenger Hunt, and so on at DYGYCON 10!

DYGYCON 10 will help you to reach significant information about the NFT world, Metaverse, and blockchain technology and meet NFT-based projects, so you should not miss the virtual event!

Website: https://dygycon.wordpress.com/

Additional Website: https://inverse.app/events/62a0791f36049c25d8d0ff58

Twitter: https://twitter.com/dygycon